• Could you survive a social media detox?

    With the implementation of home quarantine in this time of the pandemic, social media is one thing you can turn into. While it does help divert attention, help you stay connected and updated with friends and family, and make your days at home less boring, being exposed to your home electronics for a long period of time can have detrimental effects to your health....
  • Your Vintage Shopping Guide

    If you adore fashion, one of the things you might enjoy more than anything else is hitting the streets and finding new pieces. And while there is value to getting brand new clothing, the thrill of the hunt is never bigger than when you are within vintage shops. You might find an incredible item that is unlike anything you can find in other stores....
  • Planet-Saving Staycations

    2020 is probably not the year to plan a cross-country trip. The COVID-19 pandemic makes it hard to travel and plan for anything, let alone a big vacation. Although COVID-19 has made many of us change our summer plans, it doesn't mean that your summer vacation has to be canceled though. Treat yourself to a relaxing staycation at home. Staycations save gas money and...
  • 5 Everyday Wardrobe Essentials

    When you’re cleaning out your closet to try and keep up with the times, there are some pieces that are essentials. If you have them, keep them. If you don’t, they should be the first items on your shopping list when you go out to replace all of the dated things you pulled off of the racks in your closet. Here are five of...
  • Learn from the expats - visit an eco friendly city

    Development is a very important process for a society to thrive. The changes around us are relevant to our survival, from the new gadget releases we use at home and work to the big infrastructures that are standing now in our cities. But, all these, too, can blind us and sway us away from our responsibilities as stewards of nature. We get all caught...
  • What we love about Michelle Obama's shoe game

    Michelle Obama is one of the most watched women in the world. And that is true from her head all the way down to her toes. She’s had to be picture perfect as the First Lady and even as the Former First Lady, her style has stood out. She’s left proper decorum behind her and let her true style shine through since the presidency...
  • Dress to Impress (Work from home style)

    You need to dress to impress, in quarantine, when none sees you. The previous words strung together in a sentence sound completely wrong together. Why dress to impress in quarantine if none sees you? Because you're not dressing to impress others. You're doing it for yourself! Get in the shower, put some mascara on those eyelashes and get set to face another day in...
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