The covid-19 global pandemic has put businesses on the line as people are obliged to steer clear of public shopping activities and stay in their homes. Sales come to a halt forcing companies to declare temporary and even permanent shutdown. Among the many industries that are directly affected is fashion retail. Fashion houses have to reduce production with large fluctuations in revenue. Designers of luxury clothing continue to suffer as their shows have been put on hold. Even the rich and the famous have to put their couture pieces back on the rack in the cancellation of the annual fashion gala and red carpet events. Believed to have originated in a public market in Wuhan, China, the coronavirus has steadily spread globally, affecting more than 170 nations. To keep everyone safe, towns and cities have been put into community quarantine, which has changed everyone’s lifestyle and everyday living. The daily routine of waking up early, putting on your best clothes, and driving to work has been replaced with logging in to work in night pajamas. And while everyone thinks the relaxed work environment favors them, those who take confidence and comfort in their fashion styles feel the opposite. Fashion plays a vital role in improving oneself, both as an individual and as a professional. Cognitive psychologists Hajo Adam and Adam Galinsky called this the enclothed cognition phenomenon in the ‘Journal of Experimental Social Psychology'. Their findings show that individuals intentionally choose a clothing style to feel more empowered. Clothing can actually improve a person’s psychological state and drives success at work. When you’re working from home, the whole office can’t see you, and there is no one to check if you’re following your company’s dress code. However, that does not mean your fashionable side has to rest, or you should refrain from giving yourself an everyday makeover like you usually do. Who is to stop you from wearing your designer coats instead of plain loungewear anyway? Even if you don’t have a catwalk of pavements to show off your well-curated outfit combo, the cats will surely give you the fashion nods at home — and who’s better to judge you? Regardless of the situation, you should never stop taking care of yourself. Feel free to do everything that makes you look good and feel good. Given the home quarantine situation, getting into fashion might be the key to get you out of loneliness being away from family and friends. Today is a great opportunity to develop your own fashion style or learn to do some sewing and reinvent your old clothing. This is no time to give up on things you are passionate about. Keep that positive outlook in life and stay stylish and fabulous as you are. Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin Share on tumblr Share on reddit Share on stumbleupon Share on digg

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