Problems The Wrong Shoes Can Cause Your Feet

If you have pain in your feet, no day goes exactly the way you want it to. Youmight have corns or callouses, ingrown toenails or something else. Have you ever stopped to consider that perhaps you aren’t wearing the right shoes? There are consequences to wearing shoes that don’t fit well. Yes, you wear shoes to protect your feet and to give your whole outfit a sense of style. But you can do all of that and enjoy better foot health with a good fit. Here are some things that can go wrong with a bad fit.

Peripheral Neuropathy is a condition that often can’t be reversed that makes your feet feel like they are on pins and needles. It’s painful and can be caused or even worsened by shoes that don’t fit well. If the shoes are too tight, they can put pressure on the nerves and progress the condition.

Of course, one thing that goes wrong when you wear shoes that don’t fit is having foot pain, but there can also be deformities. There could be things like hammer toe, corns, calluses, and so on that are caused by rubbing and things that could be remedied by wearing shoes that fit well.

If your shoes are too short or narrow, the extra pressure on your toe area could lead to the edge of your toenail growing into your skin. That can be very painful and make you wish you could wear sandals all the time. It can also become infected. Don’t cut your nails too short and make sure the shoes fit well.

You can even see a decrease in your overall quality of life because of your shoes. When your feet hurt, you aren’t comfortable and that family function, the big work presentation, or even taking a walk with friends just isn’t as nice as it could be. Foot pain can lead to reduced mobility, falls, and plenty of other things you don’t want to happen.

Keep in mind that your shoe size can change over time. Don’t assume you are the same size shoe once you reach adulthood and your feet seem to stop growing. Your tendons can relax over time and make your feet wider. Medical conditions can change the size of your feet. And during and even after pregnancy, feet often increase in size.

If you notice bruising on your toenail, blisters, calluses, or skin irritation on your feet, your shoes may be too small. Have your feet properly measured and go with whatever size they tell you is right. There could also be differences between brands. You might be an 10 in one brand and an 10 ½ in another brand.

It’s worth keeping tabs on your foot size and health to make them look and feel good for the long haul.

Taking Good Care Of Your Feet

While it may be important to you what you put on your feet each day to face another day at work and the world as a whole, the way you care for your feetis also important. Your feet go through thousands of steps every day and yet you sometimes cram them into pointy, tight pumps and then expect them to hold up well. Lots of Americans have trouble with their foot, but you don’t have to be one of them. Here are some care tips to help you keep things comfortable and problem-free.

Don’t Wear Shoes That Are Too Tight

Feet do change in size over the years, even if you are an adult and you think you have stopped growing. Your feet might spread, lengthen, and, on rare occasions, they might even get smaller. Measure your feet in the store or have a professional do so for you so you are sure to get the right size. If the shoes feel too tight, don’t assume you’ll break them in. They might simply be too small.

Roll A Tennis Ball Under Your Feet

Your feet need to he massaged and have their muscles stretched out just like any other area of your body. But it’s hard to stretch your foot, right? Get out a tennis ball and roll it around under your foot to stretch those muscles. The tighter they are, the more your feet hurt. Keep them stretched out and they will feel better.

Keep Your Feet Clean And Dry

When you get out of the bath or shower, your feet are probably clean. But do you immediately shove them into socks, or do you make sure they are dry? You need dry feet, so they don’t have moisture on them all day long, causing pressure and rubbing. If you have trouble with sweaty feet, you will need good socks to help you to keep things as dry as you can. You might also want to avoid certain kinds of shoe materials that can make the issue worse.

Consider Professionals

If you have calluses, corns, extra dry feet, ingrown toenails, or other issues, you might want to visit professionals. It might be as easy as getting a pedicure every few months to keep your feet in good shape to wear the shoes you want with style and comfort. Or you might need help from a podiatrist to get certain things worked out, so you aren’t in pain.

Most feet take thousands of steps a day and if you want them to serve you well, look good, and function all at the same time, you have to take care of them, too. Buying beautiful shoes that fit well can help, but self-foot care does also.

Handbags That Are On Their Way Up The Ladder

There are lots of things about an outfit that are important, but the accessories are sometimes at the top of the list. It’s tempting to grab every up-and-coming trend, but that’s not always the practical way to go. Trends come and go and it’s important to stay on top of what’s coming up if you want something that’s popular and practical all in one bag. Influencers and celebrities are already showcasing these handbags, which goes to show that they are going to be big in 2021. Here are a few options to consider for your next purchase.

A 90s Style Minimal Bag

The 90s inspired bags that are minimalist in appearance are going to be iconic in style this next year. They will spark a trend for minimalism in the bags. They will often come in nylon and won’t have a lot of decoration to them. Their medium size makes them good for many occasions and styles. The classic black will be the most popular, but other colors will stand out as well.

Quilted Anything

The quilted, padded look that was huge in 2019 and even 2020 show no signs of stopping their popularity on the market. There are a range of colors, silhouettes, and price points to consider this next year. Anything with a quilted look is going to fit into the style trends for some time to come.

Straw Bags

Straw bags that make good market totes are reappearing on the market this year. The oversized option comes in a number of colors and is a summery trend that will start much earlier than the summer months. You might also see bags in black and neon that take on a similar look.

Hobo Bags With Curves

Hobo handbags with a structured, even exaggerates curve, are a current trend that won’t be slowing down this year. There are shiny patent colors and even pleated options on the market to give the outfit a bit of slouch and a lot of style.

Pleats Galore

There are accordion bags and even bags with unstructured pleats that are forming their trends on the market big this year. The varied colors give the bags unique looks, and the pleating style can also vary the appearance.

Chain Straps

Any bag from above with a chain strap can amplify the style of the overall accessory. Larger, chunky chains have their place, but so do the smaller, more delicate options. Use the chain to take something ordinary and make a louder statement.

There are plenty of trendy options that are sticking around and reappearing, so you might already have something in your closet that works. If not, these trends are the big ones this year.

Classic Shoe Styles That Are Comfortable—And Go With Everything

There are so many shoe styles now, you could put them end to end and go all the way around the earth—more than once. But no one but the luckiest few have that many pairs of shoes. For most people, it’s all about being practical and stylish at the same time. There are shoes that are high-fashion,and then there are shoes that are comfortable, but also go with everything you own. It’s those shoes you want to invest in since you will wear them a ton and actually enjoy the experience. Here are a few of those classic shoes that you just have to have.

Black Ballet Flats

Get a nice pair of black ballet flats with pointed toes. They give your feet a nice silhouette and their style will be around forever. And ever. They can go with jeans, skirts, and everything in between. Plus, they don’t kill your feet and they look good at all times.


Loafers are highly practical and comfortable, but they also go with a variety of different outfits. You can go with the classic black or perhaps a deep brown and they can go with jeans or work outfits to get you through lots of different occasions in your life. Tie in a fashionable buckle on the shoes and they even have more style.


Mules are high-end shoes that give you both comfort and style. They are like crocs, in a way, but the finish is much more high-end. Black, of course, is the most versatile, but if you like to mix it up, get some different colors and enjoy the change in style along with the color shifts.

Strappy Flats

You can dress up any outfit, but still keep the comfort intact, when you have some flats that have some straps to them. These shoes can look more unique and stylish, but still give you the edge in that they go with everythingyou have in your closet. They can make a statement or blend in, depending on the look you want for your ensemble that day.


Boots are practical for colder weather, but they can also go with lots of different outfits. You don’t have to have heels on the boots to scream style if you wear them right. And they can go over jeans when you want them to show or under a skirt when you want to dress for a job interview. The right boots will take you down many different paths in comfort and style. Dress yourself and then choose any of the above comfortable shoes to go with just about any style you want to portray. Infuse personality and you can start in on your own personal style image.

Holiday Dresses to Make a Statement

It’s that time of year again. The time to dress up and head to the holiday parties. While the parties might be online or with very few people included this year, that doesn’t mean you don’t want to look your best. With any luck, you can find a dress to show off again next year when you’re able to attend more of the parties in person. Whenever you shop, here are some things to look for.

Cocktail Dresses

It’s important to have a few cocktail dresses that you can wear for a variety of things. These dresses are generally knee-length and well tailored. You can accessorize with various jewelry and handbags as well as switch out shoes to amp the look every further.

Office Parties

When you are going to an office party, you want something chic and sophisticated to go with you. Get a cocktail dress that passes your knees and is on-trend as well as elegant. You can pair it with jewelry and some killer shoes to make the statement you want.

Semi-Formal Occasions

Cocktail dresses are versatile pieces that can be suited to many occasions, like semi-formal events. You want something gorgeous and tailored as well as knee-length of longer. Statement earrings and shoes can give it a dressed-up look that you really want for these occasions.

Long Sleeve Looks

If you want to stay warm, long sleeve dresses are stylish and sophisticated as well as warm. They can make you stand out and for an added bang, get something neutral that goes well with colorful shoes. You can also take a coat that goes with the look for even more style.

Long Dress Options

You can mix style with fun when you opt for a sleek, long dress. Get something simple that has a playful twist, like a v-neck or off the shoulder design. Don’t wear too much jewelry so you look comfortable and less formal for a more casual setting. You can also dress the look just right with strappy shoes that don’t come off as too serious.

Dinner Party Dresses

You want something you are comfortable sitting and eating in, but also something that has incredible style and class. Get a chic evening dress that shoes off your arms and then, add some stylish details. White and black are the best colors for good impressions, but there are other neutrals that work well, too.

Party Dresses

For particularly festive occasions, go with something more dazzling and all-out. Velvet, sequins, statement cut outs, and those sorts of things can make your appearance stand out. You can also go with a festive red or green color here and add more to the style with sparkly shoes or jewels.

Celebs with the Most Enviable Style

Personal style is something most people aspire to have, but it’s not something that comes together on a lark. Everyone, including celebrities, have to work at the style they present. While, yes, they have stylists and plenty of other help, their personality and style preferences shine through as well. Here are a few celebs that are at the top of the list in terms of enviable style.


Whether she’s at the awards ceremonies or walking the street on a casual day off, her style is always on point. It doesn’t seem to matter what she wears, she hits the nail on the head. And some of the boots she wears could be worn with any outfit and still look good.

Dua Lipa

Lipa brings some punk attitude and city life to her style, which might be a part of her moving to London age the age of 15. She often shoes off her pronounced abs, and with good reason. She mixes designer and streetwear with ease and has a wardrobe most would love to be able to pull off.


The singer/actress/powerhouse has a playful attitude towards fashion. Though she’s only 21 years old, she can morph into an Audrey Hepburn look or go for an evening out appearance. Her joyful outlook on fashion can teach a lesson to many who aspire to enjoy dressing.

Meghan Markle

Despite all of the controversy she has been in the midst of in recent days, she has been dressing like royalty for years. Her sleek, classic style injects traditions and an overall put together look in every instance.

Sarah Jessica Parker

It’s hard to look at Sarah Jessica without gazing at her shoes immediately. Her iconic style in that area is hard to beat. But in general, she goes for high-octane glamour for events and something more casual and paired back for everyday outings. But still...the shoes!

Michelle Obama

The former First Lady centered on work appropriate, knee-length dresses, but she had some daring cuts that made things interesting. And now that she’s more free to dress as she pleases, there are over the knee boots, flashy colors, and so many other things that dig into her personal style.

Lupita Nyong’o

She took the fashion world by storm and all of her looks have been daring, colorful, and beyond lovely. Yes, she wears custom-made gowns well, but her street style has something special about it as well.

Emma Watson

Now that the Harry Potter star has shed her school robes, she puts together a bold wardrobe that are green conscious. Everything she wears she make sure is ethically sourced as well as outstandingly gorgeous.

Want to look like the stars? Who doesn’t! But in reality, it’s best to find your own style so you are comfortable and happy with your own fashion.

The Guide To Shoe Fashion For Winter

When winter hits, there are certain shoes that end up in the back of the closet. You have to wear boots and other such items in order to get around while keeping your feet dry. But just because winter is different than fall, spring, and summer doesn’t mean you can’t have fashionable feet. Here are some of the best things you can have in your shoe wardrobe for the winter months.

Shoes With Chunky Soles

Shoes like lug-sole boots elevate the show above the ground, give you some height, and keep your feet warm and dry at the same time. They have a good amount of tread on them and they look good with a variety of outfits. They are a huge hit during the winter months and give you practicality with fissionability at the same time.

Loafers With Heels

Loafers aren’t just for your grandparents any longer, but instead are a trendy comeback shoe that gives you a retro look. Layer some sweaters and perhaps plant some oversize sunglasses on and your loafers will look even better. Instead of a regular pair, get loafers with heels. They’re warm and practical, but give you a bit of a stylish edge and dress up your outfit with the heels in place.

Combat Boots

These boots used to be a trend, but now, they’re more of a staple in the winter wardrobe. They scream comfort and practicality and they can be worn with jeans, dresses, and even business outfits. Get them in the best color and you can wear them anywhere.

Ballet Flats

There’s nothing wrong with foregoing heels on a slippery day and simply sticking to your comfortable ballet flats. They can still dress an outfit up and they are safer since they keep your feet planted on the ground instead of elevated in any way. They can go with jeans, dresses, business suits, and more.

Knee-High Boots

Getting this type of boot is buying something timeless that will give you an elegant look, even during the cold weather days. You can place the boots over a pair of jeans, under a dress, or along with anything else you want to wear. They work well on casual occasions when you need to run errands, but they look great for a night out or even a day at the office, too.

Your regular tennis shoes and heels might get tossed to the back of the closet during the winter months, but there are other fashionable shoes you get to wear during this season. The other shoes will be back, so you don’t have to worry about never seeing them again. Instead, enjoy the change in fashion and look ahead to the spring for another change.

Winter Fashion Tips To Look Good In The Cold

Whether you like it or not, summer changes to fall and then fall melts into the winter months. It might be exciting to change up your wardrobe, but once you realize just how cold it gets, the change is more about staying warm than being fashionable. The good news is, the fashion world is on top of every temperature and there are ways to make yourself look good in even the coldest temperatures. Here are a few tips to keep you warm—and looking fashionable.

Tip 1: Layer Like A Pro

Layering is an on-trend style format for any winter. It’s a practical way to stay warm so don’t feel weird about layering up. You can wear a turtleneck under a sweater and then pile on a jacket and a coat. It’s easy enough to take all of the outer layers off when you reach your destination. You can put a skirt over a pair of pants or tights as well. Try to put some form fitting things on the bottom to stay warmer and look nice when you take a few things off.

Tip 2: Let The Boots Do The Talking

Your winter style can start and end with a great pair of boots. Get a pair of to the knee or even over the knee boots and you can wear them with a shorter dress. Having a pair of killer ankle boots means you can wear anything of any length and show them off. Boots are high style in the winter and they’re practical as well.

Tip 3: Belt The Coats

It’s a pain to take coats off and put them on over and over again, but it’s what you have to do in the winter. Since you’re already doing that, cinching the waist of the coat around you with a stylish belt can really put some fashion back into the piece of outer wear you might wear almost everywhere.

Tip 4: Stop The Show With A Hat

Once you have a coat and boots on hand, you might also want to get a hat that can really scream high fashion. Hats will keep your head warm and your hair dry from the snow or rain. And having something that states just how your personality runs in the fashion world can really make a difference in any outfit you wear.

If you have to be outside for any length of time, even to walk to your car into work or the store, it’s important to have the practical items you need to stay warm and dry. However, that doesn’t mean you have to look like a marshmallow while doing so. There are fashionable ways to get through even the coldest days.

Different Ways To Style Black Suede Flats

Classic black suede flats can look good with almost anything. They may not be flashy, but they are trustworthy, and they offer a whole lot of comfort as well. When you are ready to slip on your favorite black suede flats, there are different things you can style around them to make a statement while enjoying your favorite foot style. Here are a few ways to make the shoes work with the outfit you’ve chosen.

The A-Line Dress

If you want a look that is both casual and stylish, a simple A-line dress with black suede flats can do the trick. Sling a chain-strap bag over your shoulders and you’ll really be on trend for this season.

A Long Skirt And Embellished Cardigan

These black shoes don’t often stick out on their own, but they can blend in well with just about any outfit. Wear a long skirt that hits your ankles, a white shirt, and then an embellished cardigan over the shirt for a business look that can also be taken out on the town at night.

The Jeans Look

You can make lots of different shoes work with jeans, but black suede flats can make the jeans look a bit dressier while keeping your comfort intact. You can keep the look for an afternoon shopping event or even for casual office gatherings.

Frayed Pants

Pants that look overused, but are actually brand new, are all the rage right now. Whether you have some, or have bought some, you can wear them with black suede flats. The messy look puts you into a great trend while the flats bring a classic look into your style.


Wear a tight shirt or something baggier and then cut-off shorts. You can pair that with your black suede flats and give a polished look to something that otherwise comes across as something much more casual.

Black Pants And A Trench Coat

Blend your shoes into your pant colors and then add a trench coat in a different color over the top. This is a comfortable, yet stylish look that you can take out on the town, to work, or anywhere else you want to go.

With The LBD

When you want to wear your staple little black dress, there’s nothing wrong with pairing it with your black suede flats for certain occasions. Sometimes, you might want heels or sandals, but there are other times when the black flats are the perfect ending to the otherwise versatile outfit.

There are plenty of other things you can wear with your black suede flats and they can truly become a go-to staple in your closet that you reach for again and again.

How to Curate a Capsule Wardrobe

Having a capsule wardrobe can take you from being overwhelmed about what you should wear to being quite organized. If you have a closet full of clothes, but you feel like you have nothing towear, it’s time to start collecting timeless pieces that are easy to fall back on at any time. Here are some staples to start with for any capsule wardrobe.

An Oversized Blazer

This piece of easy to wear with anything and has appeal and everyday style. You can wear it with jeans, a mini dress, a classic white shirt, or anything else. It can give you polish with any outfit and it’s something you can layer over other things from your collection.

A Gold Statement Necklace

You don’t have to have an armful of bracelets to make a statement with jewelry. Going with something simple is usually your best bet. Get an elegant gold necklace that makes a statement, but it still subtle so you can wear it to the office or to a casual outing. Versatility is key.

An Iconic Bag

You could have a different handbag for every day of the week and there are always new ones to get and style. But when you have a classic bag that stands up against the step of time, you know you can take it anywhere at any time. It’s the only bag you need, and you know you can take it with you on any occasion.

The Most Comfortable Jeans

What kind of jeans do you adore? Those are the ones you should have in your capsule. Whether you like skinny or wide leg options, there’s a pair of jeans out there that will make you feel comfortable and on trend every time you wear them. Jeans should be comfortable and let you dress things down with a classic white t-shirt or up with a mini dress on top.

Classic White Shirts

You can wear a white shirt anywhere and should have several varieties in your wardrobe. Consider a button down and a t-shirt to keep looks simple, yet glamorous. You can wear a staple white shirt with a busy skirt and complete the look.

The Little Black Dress

There aren’t many styles that are just as well known by acronyms, but the LBD is definitely one of them. Having a dress that fits you well and can be worn to any occasion is to your benefit. You can make it cool with boots or dress it down with sneakers. Accessorize right and you are ready to go out on the town at night.

These are just a few of the items you need to have in your wardrobe capsule so you can throw together outfits that look great at any time of the day or night.

Insightful Quotes about Fashion

If you have an interest in fashion, at least to the extent that you want to fit into current styles, it can be interesting to look over some insightful quotes from the fashion world. Some of them might even give you something to go on yourself for upcoming trends or for how you want to style yourself. Here are some of those insightful quotes from years in the fashion industry.

“Buy less, choose well, and do it yourself!” -Vivienne Westwood

Most people don’t have an unlimited budget with which to buy their wardrobe options. That makes it important to choose what you do buy really well. You want versatile items and staples that you can mix and match. That way, you don’t have to buy as much, right? And you can also take things from your closet and put them together, creating your own style. You don’t have to be a designer to have style!

“The most important thing to remember is that you can wear all the greatest clothes and all the greatest shoes, but you’ve got to have a good spirit on the inside. That’s what’s really going to make you look like you’re ready to rock the world.” -Alicia Keys

This is one of those quotes that reminds us it’s the inside that counts. When you try and style yourself, it’s a good idea to let your inner self shine through what you are doing on the outside. The clothes don’t make the person, the person makes the clothes. But having the right items sure can help.

"One is never over-dressed or underdressed with a Little Black Dress." -Karl Lagerfeld

This quote reminds you that no matter what, the little black dress is a must-have in any closet. You can’t go wrong in almost any situation if you were to wear a suitable little black dress. In fact, while most women have one, it’s never a bad idea to have more than one. The versatility and classic feel of this item is timeless.

"The only real elegance is in the mind; if you’ve got that, the rest really comes from it." -Diana Vreeland

Real fashion is a state of mind. You can wear many different things and give them an elegant appeal if you have the elegance within you, right?

“Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.” -Marilyn Monroe

There are few fashion icons larger than Marilyn Monroe over the decades and she said it best. Shoes can make you feel like a whole different person, filled with confidence and ready to tackle the day.

There are so many other fashion quotes that are insightful and inspiring that it’s easy to find one that suits your own sense of personal style.

Essential Tools for Remote Workers

Working at home used to be something you might do in the evening to catch up a little, or perhaps on a day when you had to stay home sick, but still had items on your to-do list that were on the urgent side. Today? It’s much more of the norm rather than the exception. There are certain tools remote workers need to have ready and available in order to make it through this strange time in history.

A Good Internet Connection

If you have one tool that’s more important than any other, it’s likely a good internet connection. Depending on your work, almost everything you do in the office can also be done online. If nothing else, you need the internet to get and send documents, take video conference calls, and get through other every day details.

A Great Workspace

There are definitely advantages to working with a laptop while sitting on the couch or in your bed, but after a month of that, it’s important to set up a workspace that you use just for your office. It’s less distracting, better on your back, and can help you maintain a higher level of productivity. Now that you know you might be working from home for a longer period of time, having a workspace that helps you get things done is in your best interest.

Professional Clothing (At Least On Top)

You might be able to get away with pajamas most of the time, but there might be times when you have to conference in with clients or other professionals. You certainly don’t want them to see anything less than a professional on the other end. Plus, putting on real clothes can make you feel more like you are in the office as well. You can maintain a sense of comfort and professionalism at the same time.

Good Delivery Programs

Just because you are working from home doesn’t mean you have more time to go out and run errands and get your personal items done. It can be really helpful to your work to take your mind off of those things and enlist the help of a delivery service. Let the store you prefer do your grocery shopping for you and then have them deliver it. You can take a break from your work to put things away, but it’s a much shorter break than it would be to go to the store and shop yourself. When you get tired of leftovers and sandwiches for lunch, you can also have food delivered from your favorite spots. It’s a great way to perk up your day without forcing you to take time away from what you are doing to make the trip out.