Podiatrists recommend brides to consider the following when choosing their wedding shoes:

  1. Comfort should be a top priority. You will be on your feet for hours on your wedding day, so choose shoes that are comfortable and supportive. Look for shoes with cushioning in the sole and a low to moderate heel height to help distribute your weight evenly across your feet.

  2. Make sure the shoes fit properly. Ill-fitting shoes can cause blisters, corns, and calluses, so it's important to choose shoes that fit well. Consider trying on shoes in the afternoon or evening, as your feet may be slightly swollen at that time.

  3. Consider the type of venue you will be in. If your wedding will be held on grass or sand, stilettos may not be the best choice. Opt for wedges, flats or block heels instead.

  4. Break in your shoes before the big day. Wear your wedding shoes around the house for a few days prior to the wedding to break them in and get used to how they feel.

  5. Bring a backup pair of shoes. Even with the most comfortable shoes, it's always a good idea to have a backup pair on hand just in case.

Remember, your wedding day is a special day and your comfort should be a priority. Don't sacrifice comfort for fashion, there are plenty of stylish and comfortable options available.