The 15% Pledge is a campaign that encourages retailers to commit to dedicating 15% of their shelf space to products from Black-owned businesses. The pledge was launched in 2020 by Aurora James, the founder of sustainable fashion brand Brother Vellies, in response to the racial justice protests that swept the United States following the murder of George Floyd.

The idea behind the pledge is to address the systemic inequalities faced by Black entrepreneurs and help to close the racial wealth gap. Black-owned businesses have historically faced barriers to accessing funding and other resources, which has limited their growth and prevented them from reaching a wider audience. By committing to the 15% Pledge, retailers can help to support Black-owned businesses and promote diversity in the retail industry.

Several major retailers, including Sephora, West Elm, and Rent the Runway, have already committed to the pledge. The movement has also gained support from consumers who are looking for ways to support racial justice and promote equity in their communities.