COVID Style Fashion Events

Who knew that when things shut down because of the coronavirus that things would go on this long? The pandemic continues to rage and that creates quite an issue for travel plans and events all around the world. But fashion is persistent, and designers continue to create—and display—their items. Fashion weeks all over are creating new formats to safely get their ideas and designs across to potential customers and retail buyers. Here are afew things that they are doing:

Online Events

Just because people can’t be there in person, safely, or because tickets events have to be severely limited, doesn’t mean fashion can’t go on. Many fashion weeks are limiting in-person tickets, but are going online in an unlimited capacity. People all over the world can watch the runway as new styles and designs dance before their eyes. While it might feel a bit unconventional, it is opening up doors for even more people to view the latest fashion.

Masked Models

Many designers have taken the COVID crisis and used it as inspiration within their designs. Loungewear, for example, is rather sheek on some runways. But there are other shows that want to be held in person, but also remain as safe as possible. Those that watch the show have to wear masks—as do those that are in the show. Models are wearing masks that the designers create to complement or even match their designs. It’s another form of extending their creation to answer the times.

Recording Events

Instead of having too many people in one location at a time, some fashion weeks are recording their models, a few at a time, and then displaying the fully recorded event as if it were live, either in person or streaming or both. These events keep there from being too many people in one place at a time and they allow the designers to perfect their looks on the runway with as many ‘takes’ as they need to get things just right.

There are a lot of things that have changed in the world we are living in today, but one thing remains the same—fashion is going to continue. While the runway shows and events might look different today, and even some of the things you see on the runways might have been altered to suit the times, those shows, and events are continuing to showcase the beauty in fashion from head to toe. Watching a runway show, even from home, can make you feel optimistic that soon, you will have somewhere to wear the beautiful designs that the models show off, from outfits to handbags, shoes to accessories, there’s plenty of hope in the fashion world.

7 Shoe Trends for 2020

As cooler temperatures hit and fall takes over the runway, there are shoe trends popping up that are hard to miss. The diverse mix gives a polished, fresh take on comfort. Here are some of the trends that will help you to put your best foot forward this fall.

1-Off The Chain

Chunky chains are making a movement down to the shoe level. The heavy metal trend is hitting the runway hard and shoes with chains are highly versatile. They make good silhouettes in heels, flats, boots, and everything in between. Plus, if you find shoes you love, you can add a chain yourself for something truly unique.

2-Pair Shoes With Socks

There are some shoes that you never wore socks with, but that’s not the case any longer. Runways are showing that socks are in again and they can be paired with loafers, Mary Jane heels, and a variety of others for a modern take on a preppy outfit.

3-Ruching Details

Ruching has been all the rage on runway tops and dresses lately, but it took until fall for this detail to move down to the shoes. Designers have taken the trend and debuted footwear that has a flamboyant feel to it in everything from sandals to sling back pumps and beyond.

4-Boots That Rise Over The Knee

This trend can work well in any city from everything from tight to slouchy styles, depending on your taste. Boots that go over the knee work with dresses, jeans, and everything in between.

5-Bows On Shoes

While bows on shows isn’t a new thing, there are some upgrades this fall. Sleek pumps are being paired with oversized bows. There are also punk combos that include prim bows and spikes for an intriguing look into two worlds. The bows are details that help you to dress up even a pair of jeans with something a little more fancy.

6-90s Platform Shoes

If you like nostalgia, nodding to the 90s footwear might be your thing. The chunky platform shoes are coming in bold styles that look great with jeans or dresses, depending on the style you choose. They are bold and even have flashes of neon that can wake up any outfit.

7-Furry Footwear

Texture is all the rage this fall and that goes all the way down to the feet. Instead of a furry hat or even a coat, the bold style is to take the fur to the feet. Heels, boots, and other footwear looks much cozier with a furry feel. The warmth is evident, and the style is new, but pressing.

There are plenty of other shoe trends to consider this fall, but these are some of the most prevalent according to the runway shows that have shown them so far.

10 pieces every woman should have in her wardrobe

What’s in your closet? What should be in your closet? There could be a vast difference between those two questions. If you want to have the things in your wardrobe that you really need, perhaps stock up on these 10 pieces.

1-Quality Jeans

This is something that never goes out of style, whether you like skinny or oversized fits. Having a good quality pair of jeans will last you a long time and make you feel like yourself whenever you wear them.

2-That Go-To Dress

Whether it’s black, white, or any other color, every woman should have a dress they can wear during the day or at night. Add a sweater and wear it to work. Change the shoes to heels and go out and have drinks with the girls.

3-Well-Fitted Bras

It’s a good idea to get professionally measured so you can find a bra that actually fits well and supports you just right. It will make all of your close fit and feel better.

4-Sunglasses You Adore

Sunglasses are an accessory that needs to go with every outfit you wear. You’ll want to find the right sized frame for your face in the shape that suits you so you can grab them and go no matter what else you have on.

5-Comfortable Pajama Sets

These might be the items you are living in these days and when you buy a set, it feels like a treat. Whether you like satin, knit, or cotton, you need these to unwind in the evening. And if you wear them all day, too, we won’t judge.

6-A Work Tote

While you might have a lot of different purses, what you take to and from work might be the most important one. You have to have everything in it that you need for the day, whether that’s your wallet, your charger, a snack, or something else. Choose something conservative and nice looking for to and from your job.


These popular pants are able to make you look as good as you feel, and they can be worn in many different situations today.

8-A Swimsuit

You’ll WearWhile you might have plenty of swimsuits in your closet or drawer, how many of them will you actually wear? You need one that you’ll wear willingly and even feel good in.

9-That White T-Shirt

It’s simply and classic, and you can wear it with anything. Dress it up with a pencil shirt or change your personality by placing it under a leather jacket. It’s a common wardrobe item so you need a good one.

10-Power Shoes

This can mean different things to different women. You’ll know them when you find them. They’re the shoes you wear when you want to have extra confidence and a lick of power in your step.

The Biggest 2020 Shoe Trends You Need to Know About

While 2020 may be the pits, for the most part, there are some great shoe trends that just might make you feel it’s worth getting up and getting dressed in the morning. It’s easier to break in new shoes today than ever before since you can wear them around the house longer. But once you are ready to hit the streets, your feet will be ready with some of the biggest shoe trends of the year.

Trend 1: Chain Accents

Forget about wearing an anklet. Just get shoes that have built-in chain accents to make a statement or give a delicate sparkle to the shoe. Chains appear on sleek boots, strappy sandals, and everything in between. Even better, if you see a pair of shoes you like and find a chain you adore, you canpair them together yourself for something completely unique.

Trend 2: Now Loafers

When you think about loafers, you might remember the pair your grandpa always wore. But loafers are making a comeback—in a new way. New loaferscome in chunky heels, sling back styles, and everything in between. After a major makeover, the loafer is a classic shoe that is once again cool.

Trend 3: Boots With Color

Black boots are always going to be in style, but having boots give your outfit an extra pop of color makes things even more interesting this year. Brighten up an otherwise monochromatic outfit with a sunny shade of yellow, a bright blue, or even a shiny red to give the look something unexpected and brilliant.

Trend 4: Shoes That Tie

While there’s always going to be a place for sneakers, the shoe trends of 2020 are for ties on every other shoe. Lace up sandals that tie around the ankle, tie shoes around the pants, and take a few risks with this inspiring trend.

Trend 5: High Platforms

High heels certainly can make the legs look great, but they can be hard to wear for a long time, too. Platform shoes, on the other hand, give you the style you want this year with the height you demand. And you don’t have to take just high heel looks. Platforms are coming in sandals, boots, and other shoes to give you a fully rounded set of options.

Trend 6: Mary Janes Return

Mary James are always a classic, but they are making a comeback in whimsical designs today that are playful and on trend. They work in the office, but put in a pair in a unique color with a pointy toe and you can wear them to the clubs as well.

These are just a few of the things to play around with this year. Whether you’re leaving the house much or not, your shoes can make you feel like youhave somewhere to go.

Pieces we all buy but rarely wear

Pieces we all buy but rarely wear

You saw it in a store window, and you had to have it. You didn’t where you would wear it and, as it turns out, you never will. Many shoppers buy items they think would be useful—someday, but then never (or at least rarely) wear them. Here are a few such pieces.

Off The Wall Shoes

When you see these shoes, they are stunning. They stand out and they will make any outfit look like something truly unique. Perhaps they have a flame coming out the back of some other aspect of them is something you’ve never seen before. The weirder, the better. However, when you put the shoes on, they hurt. Or perhaps they are too loud to work with anything else in your closet. You may have one outfit they go with, but you rarely wear them...if ever.

Super Dressy Clothes

You want to look nice and in style, but when you buy something that has top of the line quality or a name brand that you splurged on, you might be too afraid to wear it. It might mean shoes that cost more than a month’s mortgage or an outfit that is pristine in every way. You love it. You want to wear it. But what if something happens to it? You invested a lot in it, and you are protective of it. Too protective to get your use out of it, unfortunately.

Clothes That Don’t Fit

Most people have a goal weight or size that they want to be. But the fact of life is that getting to those goals can be really hard. It’s better to wait until you reach a goal and then reward yourself with the perfect outfit instead of getting clothes that don’t fit and hoping they will someday. Buying pieces like that means you will probably never wear them.

Pieces That Don’t Fit Your Life

You buy a piece because you love it, but if you don’t think about your lifestyle, it might end up taking up room in your closet since you probably won’t ever wear it. If you get some decorative sweaters, but then realize that you really only ever wear sweatshirts and jeans in the fall, those sweaters will go to waste. It’s best to fit your choices with your lifestyle and comfort level, whatever that might be.

We all do it. We find something we love, and we rush to the cash register with it. We have to have it. But there are some purchases that might be better left behind if we aren’t going to actually utilize the item in hand. Consider with care before you let something lovely languish in your closet unused.

5 Fall 2020 Fashion Trends to Wear At Home

5 Fall 2020 Fashion Trends to Wear At Home

Fashions come and go as the years pass—and as new seasons come in. This
year, there are plenty of fall fashions that you can wear at home...where
most people are holding up much of the time anyway. Designers seemed to
know something like this was coming and they have styled their runways
with comfort and class. Here are some of the trends you might wear at home
this fall.

Quilted Coats

Quilted coats are great for fall weather. They can stave off a chill and look
good when doing so. They also make you feel like you are wrapped up in a
warm blanket, which works well at home. When the chill of the fall air works
its way into your home, grabbing a quilted coat to throw on instead of
switching on the heat can bring a touch of cozy to your day, even if you don’t
go anywhere at all.

Coordinated Sets

Matching loungewear was all anyone wanted to wear when they were
quarantined at home and the fashion world listened to what was big. Some
of the largest names on the market have stocked up on coordinated sets that
can be worn inside or outside of the house. There are some that looks more
like sleepwear, but there are also matching skirt and turtleneck sets that,
while comfortable, are also appropriate for the online meetings you have to
have over your computer’s camera.

Loose Tailoring

While sometimes trends are for things to be perfectly fitted, this fall, having
an untailored look is bigger. The boyish alternatives with baggy pants,
sneakers, and oversized blazers is actually all the rage as people attempt to
peak out of their house and head back into the working world. These things,
however, are the height of comfort at home and are something you can put
on to feel dressed, yet not too overdressed.

Layered Knits

Sweaters aren’t a new thing, but this season’s take on them is definitely
fresh. The key here is to layer the knitted sweater wear to double or even
triple layers to get the right look. Place a fitted sweater under an open
button-down sweater and double the warmth as well as the style.

Carpet Prints

Do you have a rug you love so much you’d wear it? That’s kind of how the
trends are going this year. Sweaters or coats or even big carpet dresses are
like wearing a piece of home, whether you leave the house or not.
Discover Eco-Friendly Travel and Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Discover Eco-Friendly Travel and Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Who wouldn’t love to go on an adventure in a beautiful country and leave their worries behind? Apparently, traveling is good for the mind and soul. The change of environment brings relaxation, inner peace, and better perspectives. However, while you are enjoying your holiday and celebration travels, nature could be suffering because of it.

In 2018, the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) reported about 1.32 billion global tourist arrivals. This soaring number of travelers each year can highly contribute to greater carbon emissions if not mitigated by promoting eco-friendly travel.

Here are some tips to have an eco-friendly trip to your favorite destinations:

  1. Choose an eco-friendly transport and fly less.

Based on a 2019 statistics, aircraft emits 90 kg carbon dioxide per hour in its flight, so it is better to take a one-time long flight than numerous short flights. But if you have an option to take public transportation, it is beyond better to take trains and buses. These are considered eco-friendly means of transportation. If possible, rent a bike or just take a walk for a short distance destination.


  1. Bring only what’s necessary for your trip.

Only bring things that are essential in your trip like clothes, phone, undergarments, etc. Studies show that avoiding excess weight in the plane or considering light luggage can make a huge difference when it comes to reducing carbon emissions. Heavier loads require more fuel.

  1. Look for green hotels and accommodations.

A hotel is considered environmentally sustainable if it is certified green by the state or local government. These buildings usually take a traditional approach when it comes to its structure and design. Green hotels are also popular for using renewable energy and equipping their facilities with organic materials.

  1. Bring a tumbler.

Instead of buying bottled water during your trip, consider bringing a tumbler with you. There are lots of available water re-fillers in some hotels, so getting water won’t be any hassle to you. Buying bottled water is harmful to the environment as it takes decades for plastic containers to decompose. A 2019 survey shows that people around the world buy a total of 1.5 billion bottles per day and only 20 percent is recycled. Bringing your own small water container can actually help!

  1. Go for an environmental-friendly adventure.

Today, it is healthier and more fun to do physical activities that get you closer to nature. Hiking, mountaineering, rock climbing, and camping let you appreciate nature’s beauty more and understand the need to preserve it. All these activities are done in natural settings; no need for expensive hotels.

Do you have a fun holiday trip to plan? Try to assess the activities you are going to do while on vacation. While it’s important to have fun, always consider how your actions will impact the environment. Don’t forget to apply these eco-friendly tips when you travel!

Just For Men: Finding The Perfect Heel

Just For Men: Finding The Perfect Heel

High heels aren't just for women. They're for anyone who wants to strut their stuff in glamorous footwear. High heels can be difficult to wear though, especially if you are not used to them. Men's feet are bigger and wider. That makes finding the perfect pair even harder. Follow these tips if you're Male and you want to rock a pair of heels.

  • There are a few ways to step into (pun intended) wearing high heels if you are not used to them. Start out with a pair of elevator shoes or shoe lifts. Place shoe lifts into a dress-up shoe or knee-high boot to get used to walking in shoes with height.
  • Start with a low or wedge heel and practice walking around in them. When you're ready, move to a stiletto heel. Everyone has challenges walking in stilettos. Do not get discouraged if you are not cat walking on your first try.
  • Women's shoes run about 1.5-2 sizes smaller than men's. If you wear a size 10 in men's shoes, you will need a 12 in women's. You do not need to try on a pair of heels in the store if you do not feel comfortable. Consider purchasing a pair of shoes to bring home and try. You can always return them if the shoes do not fit.
  • Always make sure you have enough room for your toes in the heel. Put the pair that you want on. Then measure the distance between the end of your longest toe (it's usually the second one) and the end of the heel. There should always be about the width of your finger in between the two.
  • Women's feet tend to be narrower than men's. Feel free to ask for the size of shoes you want in wide. These sites also carry heels that fit men:, and 
  • Make sure your heels pass the stability test. Place your heels on a hard, smooth surface. Tap the shoes hard a few times. They are not stable if they wobble from side to side.

After you have worn heels for a while, take them off and show your feet some love. Soak them in warm water. Massage moisturizing cream or lotion into your feet. Then kick back and put your feet up. You earned it! You are a bona fide high heel wearer.

Podiatrist Advice on Wedding Shoes

Podiatrist Advice on Wedding Shoes

Weddings. You want to look good, but let’s face it...they can turn into a long
day and a lot of pain. Looking good and finding comfort can feel like an
oxymoron, but it can be done with the right advice. Listen to a podiatrist’s
advice on the right wedding shoes and you can look and feel good all night
long, no matter how much dancing you do.
The podiatrists recommend that you have cushioning and padding under
both the ball and the arch of your foot. Rubber soles are a good idea to
absorb shock for dancing, walking, and standing. You want to make sure you
have enough room to wiggle your toes from time to time and consider a
wider forefoot. Block heels can also help to support you throughout a long
evening. Now that you have those ideals in mind, here are a few examples of
shoes that might fit into the comfort and style you need for a night out.

Block Heel Sling back Sandals

Sandals with straps are all the rage right now and if you place a strappy
sandal on a block heel, you can have the comfort and style you need for a
wedding event. With the block heel, you get the height you want and the leg
appeal, but you also get extra support and balance for whatever the night

Day Heels

This type of heel is only 2-inches tall, so it meets recommendations that
podiatrists set. You can get a stretchy elastic shape in the back that is
inspired by ballet slippers to give your feet room to shift and wiggle
throughout the day. You can get this type of shoe in tones of colors and sit in
comfort the whole way through.

Platform Heels

These shoes offer inches of height without nearly the pain you would
normally feel. The platform appeal keeps your feet on more of an even level
while giving you confidence and style. They come in closed shoes as well as
sandals and can make a statement in certain colors and materials.

Wedge Sandals

You can gain quite a bit of height with a wedge sandal, but you lose none of
the comfort. There’s not nearly the amount of stress on the ball of the foot
and the wedge cushions the foot bed to give you extra support in a steady
manner. With a strap around the ankle, the shoes stay in place throughout
the dancing you might do.
There are plenty of comfortable shoes on the market, but you might feel that
comfort and style can never go hand in hand. IT can, though, if you take advice from professionals in the podiatry industry while keeping an eye on
current trends.
2020 Handbag Trends

2020 Handbag Trends

You can wear whatever great outfit you have, but if you don’t accessorize just right, it will go to waste. Every woman needs to have the right handbag and following the trends of the season can make or break any look. Here are some of the handbag trends of 2020 to help you choose the right accessory to highlight your style and the current fashions.

Quilted Textures

Quilted bags of many different sizes and colors have been up and down the runway all season. It’s a classic style that can give your look an air of sophistication. This is an older fashion that has become new again and while there are timeless choices, there are also contemporary designs, depending on your personal preferences.

Frame Styles

This accessory has a fabulous silhouette and a metal frame that supports the material of the bag. They also have a kissing lock or interlocking metal beads on the top. All of the big fashion houses have frame bags coming out this year to show that the vintage design is for sure back. You might be able to find something that fits in well with this trend in your grandma’s attic.Hobo Bags These have a distinctive look as a slouchy bag with a handle or strap that makes it easy to carry to wear. This comeback is available in all sizes and textures whether you want something small or something on the large side.

Chain Embellishment

Even an older bag can look new again with chain embellishment. Chains are popping up on shoes, in jewelry, and, yes, on handbags. The straps could be a chain or there could simply be a chain slung across the front. You can find handbags with this style or go DIY and add a chain to something you already favor in your wardrobe.

Bamboo Handles

Bamboo is a highly sustainable material and it looks earthy and stylish on handbags as well. The detail is unique, but brings a textured look to any handbag. It is an eco-friendly option that is all the rage this year.

Large Bags

While small handbags had their time, the extra-large bags are all the rage this year. You can get bags that look large enough to store an extra person. The bigger the better this year. Even small bags are upgraded to something larger. Just make sure you don’t overfill these bags, or it might be hard to carry it around. While handbags can make or break an outfit, you need to match them well with your shoes and other accessories you might be wearing to create an ensemble that works well together as a whole. Start with shoes and a handbag and go from there.

5 Ways to Wear A Knee High Boot

5 Ways to Wear A Knee High Boot

It’s easy to add attitude to any outfit with a pair of knee-high boots. They give off a look that’s sleek and chic while maintaining an approachable appearance. If you’ve snagged your first pair, there are many different ways you can wear them so you can make the most of the purchase. Here are a few options:

Way 1: Over Jeans

Grab a pair of fitted jeans and tuck them into the boots so they show more than the jeans. Pair the look with something on top that suits the overall style and look, and you can go a lot of places, look great, and fee stylish. You could also pair the boots (in certain colors) with black pants and a button-down blazer for a weekend look and equestrian vibe. The choices are endless, and you can be comfortable in your pants while still featuring the boots you adore.

Way 2: A Shorter Shirt

Your boots go up to your knees and it can be nice to differentiate where the boots end and where your outfit begins. Wearing a skirt that is above the knee will show off your knees, the boots, and the rest of the outfit. There’s a definite breaking point between the skirt and the boots, which can draw the eye to the shoes you want attention on in the first place.

Way 3: A Classy Dress

Whether you are getting ready for a night out, a special event, or something else, wearing boots with a dress can be very becoming. Choose a dress that has colors in it that bring out the color in the boots. If you have black boots, for example, pair them with a dress that has blacks dots on it but involved other colors as well. The boots coordinate and bring out elements of the dress without overpowering it.

Way 4: The Casual Blend

Find pants that are the same color as your boots, and you can blend the two together. Wear the boots over the pants and pair it with a comfortable sweater for a casual go-to outfit that you can wear just about anywhere.

Way 5: Under The Skirt

If you want a skirted look, but you also want the boots to stand out, contrast the color of the boot with a longer skirt. They will still stand out, even if part of them is under the skirt. Grab a nice blouse and you have a great look for the office.Knee-High boots are multi-faceted so when you find the perfect pair, remember that you can wear them in many different ways and on many different occasions. They can make lots of styles stand out and these five arejust a few examples.

Androgynous Wedding Attire

Androgynous Wedding Attire

Androgyny is a combination of masculine and feminine qualities. It does not have a specific gender. Androgyny has made its way into wedding attire, and the designs are fabulous. Scroll through the following paragraphs to learn more about the categories of androgynous wedding attire.


  • Think slim when you're looking for a suit. Menswear suits are made long enough to cover the behind. This type of cut makes legs look shorter. Womenswear jackets typically stop at the waist. This type of cut makes legs look longer and slimmer. A European suit is also slimmer. These suit cuts look equally great on males and females.
  • Try a slouchy suit. Slouchy suits are relaxed, but are not baggy. The pants are shorter and usually cuffed. Bring the whole look together by adding pops of color in a scarf or shoes.
  • Remember colors! Navy blue, pastels or burgundy help your suit not look like a waiter. Save the black and white suit for your bell hop or server.
  • Linen is a breathable material for a summer wedding. The material is a bit more casual, so it is ideal for a daytime wedding.Jumpsuits
  • A jumpsuit is a versatile piece of clothing. It is made to be fitted or relaxed. You can add lace or pearl necklaces to give it feminine flair. A jumpsuit is a special piece that can be worn again and again. Change the look up by switching accessories or a jacket.



  • The punk look is edgy and cool. Punk clothing does not assign a certain gender to its style. The punk look is ripped jeans and leather jackets. It is also about mixing femine with masculine. Wear a jacket with hard, defined lines over a lacy blouse.



  • A kilt is a type of knee-length, pleated skirt traditionally worn by men in the Scottish highlands. Now, it is a piece of clothing that can be uniquely styled. It is a way to combine tradition and modern fashion.


Tux Mini Dress

  • A tux mini dress sends a huge statement. Wearing it implies that you are not conforming to gender stereotypes. Wear it with a pair of stilettos to give your legs length and height.