There are lots of things about an outfit that are important, but the accessories are sometimes at the top of the list. It’s tempting to grab every up-and-coming trend, but that’s not always the practical way to go. Trends come and go and it’s important to stay on top of what’s coming up if you want something that’s popular and practical all in one bag. Influencers and celebrities are already showcasing these handbags, which goes to show that they are going to be big in 2021. Here are a few options to consider for your next purchase.

A 90s Style Minimal Bag

The 90s inspired bags that are minimalist in appearance are going to be iconic in style this next year. They will spark a trend for minimalism in the bags. They will often come in nylon and won’t have a lot of decoration to them. Their medium size makes them good for many occasions and styles. The classic black will be the most popular, but other colors will stand out as well.

Quilted Anything

The quilted, padded look that was huge in 2019 and even 2020 show no signs of stopping their popularity on the market. There are a range of colors, silhouettes, and price points to consider this next year. Anything with a quilted look is going to fit into the style trends for some time to come.

Straw Bags

Straw bags that make good market totes are reappearing on the market this year. The oversized option comes in a number of colors and is a summery trend that will start much earlier than the summer months. You might also see bags in black and neon that take on a similar look.

Hobo Bags With Curves

Hobo handbags with a structured, even exaggerates curve, are a current trend that won’t be slowing down this year. There are shiny patent colors and even pleated options on the market to give the outfit a bit of slouch and a lot of style.

Pleats Galore

There are accordion bags and even bags with unstructured pleats that are forming their trends on the market big this year. The varied colors give the bags unique looks, and the pleating style can also vary the appearance.

Chain Straps

Any bag from above with a chain strap can amplify the style of the overall accessory. Larger, chunky chains have their place, but so do the smaller, more delicate options. Use the chain to take something ordinary and make a louder statement.

There are plenty of trendy options that are sticking around and reappearing, so you might already have something in your closet that works. If not, these trends are the big ones this year.