There are so many shoe styles now, you could put them end to end and go all the way around the earth—more than once. But no one but the luckiest few have that many pairs of shoes. For most people, it’s all about being practical and stylish at the same time. There are shoes that are high-fashion,and then there are shoes that are comfortable, but also go with everything you own. It’s those shoes you want to invest in since you will wear them a ton and actually enjoy the experience. Here are a few of those classic shoes that you just have to have.

Black Ballet Flats

Get a nice pair of black ballet flats with pointed toes. They give your feet a nice silhouette and their style will be around forever. And ever. They can go with jeans, skirts, and everything in between. Plus, they don’t kill your feet and they look good at all times.


Loafers are highly practical and comfortable, but they also go with a variety of different outfits. You can go with the classic black or perhaps a deep brown and they can go with jeans or work outfits to get you through lots of different occasions in your life. Tie in a fashionable buckle on the shoes and they even have more style.


Mules are high-end shoes that give you both comfort and style. They are like crocs, in a way, but the finish is much more high-end. Black, of course, is the most versatile, but if you like to mix it up, get some different colors and enjoy the change in style along with the color shifts.

Strappy Flats

You can dress up any outfit, but still keep the comfort intact, when you have some flats that have some straps to them. These shoes can look more unique and stylish, but still give you the edge in that they go with everythingyou have in your closet. They can make a statement or blend in, depending on the look you want for your ensemble that day.


Boots are practical for colder weather, but they can also go with lots of different outfits. You don’t have to have heels on the boots to scream style if you wear them right. And they can go over jeans when you want them to show or under a skirt when you want to dress for a job interview. The right boots will take you down many different paths in comfort and style. Dress yourself and then choose any of the above comfortable shoes to go with just about any style you want to portray. Infuse personality and you can start in on your own personal style image.


I love the fact that you are offering ladies shoes in larger sizes. I live in France with size uk10 feet. I read your site with interest about taking care of your feet but when I looked at your styles they were not aimed at good feet care. I prefer Remonte and Gabor styles as the look after my feet. Bon courage!
— Terri Jones