It’s that time of year again. The time to dress up and head to the holiday parties. While the parties might be online or with very few people included this year, that doesn’t mean you don’t want to look your best. With any luck, you can find a dress to show off again next year when you’re able to attend more of the parties in person. Whenever you shop, here are some things to look for.

Cocktail Dresses

It’s important to have a few cocktail dresses that you can wear for a variety of things. These dresses are generally knee-length and well tailored. You can accessorize with various jewelry and handbags as well as switch out shoes to amp the look every further.

Office Parties

When you are going to an office party, you want something chic and sophisticated to go with you. Get a cocktail dress that passes your knees and is on-trend as well as elegant. You can pair it with jewelry and some killer shoes to make the statement you want.

Semi-Formal Occasions

Cocktail dresses are versatile pieces that can be suited to many occasions, like semi-formal events. You want something gorgeous and tailored as well as knee-length of longer. Statement earrings and shoes can give it a dressed-up look that you really want for these occasions.

Long Sleeve Looks

If you want to stay warm, long sleeve dresses are stylish and sophisticated as well as warm. They can make you stand out and for an added bang, get something neutral that goes well with colorful shoes. You can also take a coat that goes with the look for even more style.

Long Dress Options

You can mix style with fun when you opt for a sleek, long dress. Get something simple that has a playful twist, like a v-neck or off the shoulder design. Don’t wear too much jewelry so you look comfortable and less formal for a more casual setting. You can also dress the look just right with strappy shoes that don’t come off as too serious.

Dinner Party Dresses

You want something you are comfortable sitting and eating in, but also something that has incredible style and class. Get a chic evening dress that shoes off your arms and then, add some stylish details. White and black are the best colors for good impressions, but there are other neutrals that work well, too.

Party Dresses

For particularly festive occasions, go with something more dazzling and all-out. Velvet, sequins, statement cut outs, and those sorts of things can make your appearance stand out. You can also go with a festive red or green color here and add more to the style with sparkly shoes or jewels.