Whether you like it or not, summer changes to fall and then fall melts into the winter months. It might be exciting to change up your wardrobe, but once you realize just how cold it gets, the change is more about staying warm than being fashionable. The good news is, the fashion world is on top of every temperature and there are ways to make yourself look good in even the coldest temperatures. Here are a few tips to keep you warm—and looking fashionable.

Tip 1: Layer Like A Pro

Layering is an on-trend style format for any winter. It’s a practical way to stay warm so don’t feel weird about layering up. You can wear a turtleneck under a sweater and then pile on a jacket and a coat. It’s easy enough to take all of the outer layers off when you reach your destination. You can put a skirt over a pair of pants or tights as well. Try to put some form fitting things on the bottom to stay warmer and look nice when you take a few things off.

Tip 2: Let The Boots Do The Talking

Your winter style can start and end with a great pair of boots. Get a pair of to the knee or even over the knee boots and you can wear them with a shorter dress. Having a pair of killer ankle boots means you can wear anything of any length and show them off. Boots are high style in the winter and they’re practical as well.

Tip 3: Belt The Coats

It’s a pain to take coats off and put them on over and over again, but it’s what you have to do in the winter. Since you’re already doing that, cinching the waist of the coat around you with a stylish belt can really put some fashion back into the piece of outer wear you might wear almost everywhere.

Tip 4: Stop The Show With A Hat

Once you have a coat and boots on hand, you might also want to get a hat that can really scream high fashion. Hats will keep your head warm and your hair dry from the snow or rain. And having something that states just how your personality runs in the fashion world can really make a difference in any outfit you wear.

If you have to be outside for any length of time, even to walk to your car into work or the store, it’s important to have the practical items you need to stay warm and dry. However, that doesn’t mean you have to look like a marshmallow while doing so. There are fashionable ways to get through even the coldest days.