Selfies are all the rage. All you have to do is browse through social media and you will see selfie after selfie. But what about those shoefies? Yep, #shoefie is really a thing. It’s basically a selfie of your shoes to show off yourlove of footwear. This trend has a lot of potential, but it’s important to know how to do it. Here are a few hints to get you started in the right direction:
1-Take The Shoefie From Above
You don’t like anyone taking a picture of you from below, the same is true about your shoes. The above view is the classic shoefie view. You want to show just your shoes and ankles only. Luckily, it’s something anyone can do, and the view never gets boring.
2-Consider Standing
A standing shoefie is simple. You can get a variety of angles on it and even a piece of your outfit, if you want. Look directly down on your shoes for a unique view and capture your shoe’s essence.
3-Try Sitting
It can take a little more time, and the pictures aren’t always as easy to take, but it can lead to a stunning shoefie. You can sit and separate your feet so you can see both shoes, or you can take a picture of just one shoe. Try different backgrounds like your flooring, a rug, the stairs, and so on.
4-The Up In The Air Shot
This one is a fan favorite and is the most original and uncommon. It’s also the hardest shoefie to take. Try to get a great shot from below with your feet in the air and try different angles. You will also want a different background. For a white shoe, for example, you don’t want the white ceiling as the background. Get something contrasting to show the shoe off.
5-Sideways Angles Are Great
Whether you are standing or sitting, getting a good sideways angle can reallyshow off the best of the shoe. You can capture this in a mirror, for example. Try pointing one toe up to showcase the heel.
6-Have Fun With It
The biggest thing is to simply have fun with your shoefies. Try things and experiment—some will work, and others won’t. You’ll know a good shoefie when you see one. If you enjoy taking them, you’ll likely enjoy looking at them as well. Explore social media and look for that #shoefie and you’ll see all sorts of ways to display your favorite pairs. It doesn’t matter what size your feet are, you can get a good #shoefie with the right show, the right background, the right angle, and, most importantly, the right attitude. Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin Share on tumblr Share on reddit Share on stumbleupon Share on digg

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