Fashion is a subjective subject and it changes faster than the seasons. But you want to stay up with the times and reflect both your style, the trends, and the season. These dos and don’ts will help you put together a successful closet for the fashion styles you appreciate the most.

First, the dos:

1-Add Pieces In Trendy ColorsYou may not want to change your whole wardrobe around the trendy colors of the season, but you can add a scarf, a jacket, or some other items in those colors that can easily be changed whenthe style changes.

2-Check Your Own Closet

Before you hit the stores to buy all new things, you might be able to find things in your closet that work well in addition to some new items. Neutral staples are a must to go along with any trend.

3-Layer Outfits

There are a lot of things that can go with other items and layering is always in. Place a short-sleeved shirt with a sweater, a scarf, and other options in a variety of hot colors.

4-Step Outside Your Comfort

You know what you like and what you don’t like, but try to do a few things that are different for you and see how they work out throughout the season.

5-Highlight Your Personal Style

Everyone has a signature style—you just have to find it and then highlight it. Find things on trend that are also within your style preferences.

6-Wear The Right Shoes

You want appropriate footwear for every style so you can quickly slip something on and get out the door in the morning. Invest in a good pair of flats, boots, and heels that go with lots of different things in a pinch.And now, the fashion don’ts:

7-Never Go Overboard On TrendsTrends come and go, and you don’t want to go over the top with any trend. A few key trendy pieces are great, but all new wardrobes with constant trendy elements can be overkill.

8-Don’t Store Old Pieces

It’s tempting to take last season’s stuff out of the closet and make room for a different wardrobe, but you can pair some of those things with new items and get a whole new look.

9-Don’t Wear Unflattering Items

There are going to be some trends that just don’t look good on you and that’s okay. It’s better not to wear them than to wear them and look bad.

10-Don’t Get Stuck On One Color

There are lots of colors for every season. You don’t have to wear black just because it’s fall or winter. There are other classic colors that are also dark, but can mix your wardrobe and style.

11-Don’t Show Too Much

There’s a time and place to show a little skin, but you don’t want to make that the norm of your wardrobe. One-shoulder looks can be nice, but don’t get every outfit in that fashion style.

12-Don’t Hold Onto Shoes Too Long

Shoes can come and go in fashion, but you don’t want to hold onto old, beaten up shoes you used to love in hopes that they will come back around. Scuffs are never going to be ‘in.’

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