A meme is a concept that gives entertainment and sometimes a tool to spread some essential message to society. It is always a sensation in the virtual world and most popular in some social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. A meme can be anything and anyone; even the most trivial thing or the most hated person in the world can be the subject of a meme that will eventually become an instant trend on the internet. 


One of today’s top trending memes is about the unique struggles of people with big feet, particularly women. While people’s feet size may not seem like an important, much less an interesting topic for most people, well, it is for women. In case you haven’t heard the fashion struggles of women with 11 feet sizes, check out these shoe memes below.


Buying shoes

Have you ever experienced going to a lot of stores to find a shoe or sandal that would fit your size? Women are usually perceived to have Cinderella feet, which makes it actually hard for those with larger shoe sizes to get a new pair of heels or sneakers. Most shoe companies based their shoe production on standard sizes leaving those with plus-sized feet with nothing to wear. Imagine the frustration of not being able to buy kate spades just because of your feet size, and even the socks are always too small to fit.




So, you received an invite to a party that requires attendees to wear formal clothing. You got all your cute dresses lined up, and you’re too excited to pick one for the event, but then you realize you got not one pair of heels to match any of them. It’s either you have to squeeze your feet into those sandals you have outgrown to look painfully good or wish you had a smaller feet size.




Wrecking pants

Having big feet will not only give you a hard time finding your size but also fitting into skinny jeans or pants. Your big toes and large feet just can’t smoothly go through the holes of the pants or jeans without wrecking the stitches or injuring your toes. Some even have to resort to covering feet with plastic bags, so that it will smoothen the process of sliding their feet through the holes of the pants.





Falling or tripping accidents have become normal for people with big feet size. Since your whole feet does not get into your shoes, your toes could be hanging out, hitting corners of some objects, getting stepped on a lot, and worse, falling on stairs because your feet occupy an ample space and the steps ------- aren’t just too big for their feet.

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