When you are ready to strut your stuff and have a photo shoot, whether it’s to show off a new outfit, make friends jealous on social media, or just have a little fun, the location you choose matters a great deal. Use these tips to find the right location for your purposes.

1-Choose a Meaningful Place

The photos resulting from the shoot will mean a lot more to you if you choose somewhere meaningful. You can choose a location at random or based on convenience, but you can say more about yourself with a location that really means something. Consider the brick wall along the high school you attended, the field next to your first house, or other such places that mean more than somewhere random.

2-Plan for Natural Lighting

Professional photographers swear by the natural light of the sun and some won’t even shoot in anything else. If you want to get the best shots, you’ll need a location that gives you natural light. It can’t be too shaded at the time of day you are planning to shoot, and you won’t want weird shadows over your face or other areas. Check the lighting before you make a final choice.

3-Watch for Shelter Nearby

If you are shooting outside, it’s good to have shelter nearby, just in case. If a rain cloud bursts open or you just need some shade to retouch makeup and hair, having a picnic shelter, a barn, or even an awning nearby can really help. You can take breaks between shots to think about the next shot and get things ready.

4-Choose a Peaceful Location

It’s hard to look peaceful when you’re in a location with lots of noise around you. Find an area that is nice and quiet during the time of day when you want to shoot so you can enjoy your surroundings and focus on what you are doing.

5-Don’t Get Overly Distracted by Location

You don’t want a location so phenomenal that it distracts from the overall purpose of the photo. If you are showing off an outfit, or perhaps your shoes, you want the focus to be on those things and on you, not completely on the background. It can be hard to zero in on the overall point of the picture if the background is so stunning people can’t take their eyes of it.

When you are looking for a new photo shoot location, these tips can help you find what you need. Overall, go with your gut and experiment. You can always shoot in several locations and take the best shots from the best location.

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