We all have run through a gamut of emotions while we self-isolate and quarantine. One minute we are sad, then happy after a Facetime session with friends, energized after a Zoom work meeting, and bored out of our minds. No matter what is happening in the world though, there is a shoe for every event and every emotion we feel from them. Whether you wear a dainty women’s size 6, a large and in charge extended women’s size 14, or anything in between, scroll through the following list to find a shoe to fit every quarantine mood!

  1. Slippers are one of the most classic day-at-home footwear options. Slippers show off your personality. If you love animals, Disney princesses, Avenger characters, bright colors, or anything really, you can find them onslippers. You can even wear slippers when you are doing a work meeting. Dress professional up top, and no one will know you are hiding Mickey Mouse slippers under the desk. Slippers are not just for people who want to lounge around and be lazy all day. They are made for comfort, and when you wear extended size women’s shoes, you want comfort. Level up your slippers by getting ones with fur or velvet. Slippers do not need to match your outfit. They only need to be cozy and enjoyable.
  2. The weather is starting to warm up, and it is a perfect time to wear sandals. There are plenty options. You can choose styles like Birkenstocks, slides, wood, leather, tatami, wedge, flat, rubber, gladiator, flip-flops flatbed rope, and almost every color and pattern you can think of. Sandals have enough room for you to wiggle and stretch out your toes. They are also open on top, which lets you show off your home pedicure. Sandals come in extended women’s sizes, so do not be afraid to show off your big feet in them!
  3. Flats are versatile. They look good with jeans or leggings, a little black dress, corduroys, tights, and almost anything else you own. They can come with an ankle strap, metallic studs, sequins heels, laces and much more. They are made with patterns like snakeskin, leopard, tie-dye, stripes, florals, cow-print, and many others. Flats can be worn all day. They can transition from daytime into nighttime. If you wear extended women’s sizes, look for a flat that has a little stretch or give in so your foot doesn’t get blistered because the shoe is too small. A pair of black flats is an essential to every wardrobe. They are functional and match anything.
  4. If social distancing has got you down and you absolutely need to get out of the house to grab necessary items, rock a pair of heels. When you are living in quarantine you do not get too many chances to wear your fanciest footwear. A trip to a grocery store or pharmacy is equivalent to a night out when you’re living in quarantine. Pumps, slingbacks, heels high-heeled boots, and peep-toe heels pair well with a pair of leggings and blazer.

Do not let quarantining and social distancing get you down. Instead, wear a pair of shoes to cheer you up!

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