What you wear can be an extension of your personality, so it is important to a lot of people what they put on every morning. The first impression can mean a lot and people can judge you within just a few seconds. If you want to find a signature style, here are some tips to do just that.


Tip 1: Know What Works On Your Body

As someone who has worn clothing, like, all your life, you know a few things that work and don’t work on your body. If certain things always look bad, like skinny jeans or tank tops steer clear of them and focus on things that look nice and make you feel good. Knowing what will work and what won’t can take you a long way to finding your signature style.


Tip 2: Find Your Colors

There are colors that you enjoy and colors that suit your complexion. Find the colors that you appreciate that also look good on you. Your skin tone and hair color will help you dictate the various colors that work well for your signature style.


Tip 3: Go Classic

Even if you want to mix up your style at times, you should invest in classic pieces that are timeless and can go with lots of different looks. You’ll want black pants, a little black dress, white button-down shirts, and other things that will never go out of style and can go with other, more vibrant pieces you choose over time.


Tip 4: Only Wear What You Like

It’s not your style if it’s something you don’t adore. You want everything you wear to speak to your personality and that means it has to be something you love. If you find a shirt that fits well, but you hate the pattern, look for another shirt in that style with a different color pattern. Wearing what you like showcases your personality in just the right ways.


Tip 5: Allow Your Style To Evolve

You likely laugh at old pictures of yourself from decades ago because the style was, well, a bit different back then. It’s okay to let your style evolve over time and to change with the trends that are going on within the style world. You can change things up, mix in older pieces with new things, and weed out really old things to start over again.


Your signature style is completely yours. No one can tell you what you should or shouldn’t do. You need to find something that suits you and makes a statement to your personality, whatever it might be. IT can even be fun to explore the styles available to you.

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