Self-love goes beyond accepting your body and being confident about it, it is about having the drive to improve yourself and become better physically and emotionally. Going all the way to become fit and healthy is self-love. Instead of treating yourself a sumptuous and luxurious meal after a long week of hard work in the office, why not visit the gym, get into shape, so you can better enjoy what life has more to offer? Going to the gym gives you the chance to be alone in your thoughts or maybe meet other people outside of work whom you can share your real interests with. 


If you are ready to have a blast in the gym, and sure you will, don’t forget to bring these relevant things with you.

Bottle of water

Water is very important in working out to stay hydrated. It helps maintain your concentration in exercising and also prevent your heart rate and body temperature to rise rapidly. Water is the best alternative fluid replacement for the sweat that you lose and could even prolong your endurance in exercising. Some bring energy drinks instead of water which is also good since it has some added nutrients to boost the immune system.

Extra t-shirt

When you exercise, you lose water weight through sweating. While it is a temporary weight loss and can be replenished by drinking water after the workout, it is, nevertheless, a sign that you are doing great in the gym. It is best to have an extra shirt for you to change and freshen up after your workout.


Towel/Face towel

It is necessary to wipe your sweating body or face with a towel from time to time. No one wants to get so wet with their sweats; it could distract them from their work out as it would be difficult to handle the equipment without slipping.  So, you better bring a towel to dry yourself up. It is also important to wipe the machine and equipment that you have used as a courtesy to the next user. Cleanliness is a must in the gym because it is shared by many.


Music is a very powerful tool in exercising, and good music brings about good vibes in working out. Motivating music will help you enjoy more your work out sessions. Although some gyms have their own sound system for everyone to listen to, it is still much better if you have your own headphones, so you can listen to any music you want. 


Aside from water, having a snack is what fuels up your body to grind even more in the gym. Remember to bring snacks that are rich in protein and carbohydrates to keep your sugar level in check and energize you even more.

Comfortable shoes

You cannot just wear any pair of shoes to the gym; it has to be the pair of shoes that provides support to the muscles and gives you stability while working out. There are plenty of gym footwear options for you out there, so better check them out before going back to the gym.

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