There are no completely right or wrong places to learn about fashion. In fact, you can take life fashion lessons from a variety of places. Take sports, for example. Sports teach lessons about many things...why not fashion? Here are just a few things you can learn about fashion from the sporting world.


Practice Makes Perfect

While there are some people who are born with a certain ‘it’ factor and a natural ability to be good at something, even they will get better with practice. So even if you don’t feel like fashion comes naturally to you, practicing at it, trying different things, and perfecting your look is a key to your overall success.


Never Fear New Things

If you were a baseball pitcher throwing more balls than strikes, you’d switch it up and try something new. The same can be said for fashion. Don’t be afraid to try new things. Either they’ll work just as well as the old things, they’ll fail and you can go back to the old ways, or they will be a huge success. You’ll never know unless you try.


Winning Isn’t Always Possible

There are times when certain teams will have a winning streak, perhaps without a loss all season. But that can’t happen every season. And you aren’t always going to win with every outfit you put together, either. But when you run across a ‘loss’ in the fashion world, it’s an opportunity (just like in sports) to learn something new and grow from it.


Bring Your Best

Players on any team are encouraged to bring the best they have to offer to every game. They may not always make every basket or goal, but they try their best. You should do the same with your fashion. If you’re serious about the industry, putting your best foot forward with every show you buy, every dress you try, and every outfit you put together is only going to help you.


Have Fun With It

While there are people who make a career out of sports, most people play the game because they love doing it and they have fun while they’re at it. If you’re not having fun with your fashion, really, what’s the point? If you enjoy trying new styles and combining various things to get the right idea, go for it. If you’re not having fun with your look, it’s time for a different look that is fun for you.

Now you understand just how much fashionistas-in-training can learn from sports, right? Learning from a unique outlet doesn’t mean you have to wear a football helmet to be in style, but rather just take some of the principles and apply them to the fashion world.

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