Doing full-body workouts is beneficial to your health; it energizes the body and mind and strengthens the immune system protecting you from diseases. While most people choose to go outside their homes to enroll in the gym and pay a fitness trainer, you can choose to go the other way and get fit within the comfort of your home. Don’t worry, there are some simple workout ideas you can do at home that do not require the use of large fitness training equipment. Besides, staying home is safer at this time of the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are easy daily workout ideas you can do in your living room:
Jog in place
Jogging in place is a very effective form of exercise and can be performed anywhere inside your house. This form of exercise is an ideal exercise option, especially if you do not have a treadmill equipment in the house. Jogging exercises are usually performed to warm up the body for high-intensity workouts.
Jumping jacks
Jumping jacks improves your heart rate and the flow of your blood. Spreading your legs while jumping and extending your arms out over your head is the way of doing the exercise. Jumping jacks is often used as a warm-up exercise.
Squat helps strengthen your legs and abdominal muscles and can improve your calorie burn. To have a proper squat, you have spread your legs not too wide enough, put your hands in front to help you balance, take a sit back as if you’re sitting in a chair, chest out, and make sure to maintain your feet flat on the ground. 10 repetitions of the squat are good to begin with.
Bicycle crunch
Lie on the mat, put your hands behind your head and ensure your lower back is pressed into the floor, crunch up, pull your left knees to your chest, and turn your body to the right. Always keep in mind that your knees and your upper body are always in opposite positions while crunching. This helps you work your abs and core and improves your flexibility.
Planks have many various types, all of which help strengthen your core and muscles. The best plank type is the standard straight arm; to do it, put your hands and toes on the floor, see to it that the position of your arms is wider than your shoulder, form a straight line from your shoulder to the palm of your feet, then hold yourself up as long as you can.
Push up
Push up is a very common and simple yet effective workout that does not require a huge space. By doing this exercise, you can improve your upper body. It works your triceps and can also strengthen even your lower body. You can think of push-ups as a moving plank. Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin Share on tumblr Share on reddit Share on stumbleupon Share on digg

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