How Your Footwear Improves or Hurt Your Daily Workout

How Your Footwear Improves or Hurt Your Daily Workout

It is ideal that everyone complete at least 2-3 days of workout a week or even a few minutes a day just to keep healthy and in good shape. But before you traverse down that lane, ensure you have the right footwear as this tool has the power to help you greatly or damage your feet and body overall.

There are many shoes store available out there but not many take the dedicated time in guiding their buyers or customers but prefer only the sale and cash they will receive. However, guiding our buyers is also a part of customer satisfaction and we will go the extra mile to ensuring they are happy and benefiting for both the short term and the long term.

Shoe choices and how to make them

There are various types of sports and workout activities that are done and believing the one shoe is good enough for all sport may just be the wrong perception. Here are a few tips to remember:


Shoes for your Jogging

This is one of the most popular type of sport or workout and one of the most technical. Wearing less than proper shoes will only bring about "disaster" for your feet due to the fact they are what bring stability to your step.

You need to ensure you select shoes with great cushioning and firmness that reduces the risk of internal slippage. By this we mean, having a shoe with a "tough" inner lining, will only cause tension and possible friction on your feet. In a bid thereafter to get an ease, you will tend to twist or flex your feet and may end up slipping and/or spraining your ankle.

Shoes with strong support for the arches as well as reliable cushioning for the heels is definitely some of the main features to search for when buying track shoes. You can always research additional guidelines from professional trainers to help support you’re already known tips.


Choose sizes slightly larger than your feet

When doing especially cardio workout to include machine workouts, choosing shoe that is perfectly foot-fitting may not be the best choice.

Deciding on a shoe with a quarter to a half size larger so has to have a little breathing space/room for your feet is the best option. Also, as the feet sweat, they tend to expand therefore the need for the additional space when buying.


Lifting Weights on your feet

Many persons are of the perception that you don’t need the perfect pair of shoe for your weightlifting because you are simply standing one place. But you are oh-so-wrong! Can you imagine lifting a 100-pound weight on a flat-base shoe with no strong stability or firmness?

This will only be a disaster for especially a supporting heel which is under unwanted pressure. Having a strong pair of sporting shoe (with adequate cushioning) will enable proper posture and reduce and/or eliminate the possibility of an injury.

Though it can sometimes be a challenge to find the right pair for your bodybuilding workout, the search and wait is definitely worth it. The sole may not have to be too hard as the pressure may cause your foot sole to hurt while on the other hand, it cannot be too thin. If you are not sure which is the right pair, a little research or assistance from your trainer would be ideal.

The right pair of shoe for your workout will save you a lot (physically and yeah financially too!). Bear in mind the wrong choice can cause you both short-term and long-term health issues so be wise about your purchase at all times.

Tips On Acing a Good Shoe Sale

Tips On Acing a Good Shoe Sale

Everybody loves a sale whether it is for food, accessories or in this case shoes! But aside from getting on the train with your friends and thousands if not millions of other enthusiastic shoppers, what are some of the best tactics to use in acing the perfect sale?

Organizing Your Wardrobe Around Your Shoe Collection

Organizing Your Wardrobe Around Your Shoe Collection

Choosing what shoes to wear with any outfit is really not as hard as many people may put it. Being adventurous is cool and exciting but making sure you do it right the first time is essential.
Year 27 - Female Supermodels Doing It Right The First Time

Year 27 - Female Supermodels Doing It Right The First Time

Many people believe seeing those amazing supermodels on the runway is an easy task and one can just simply jump on and join in. Well, as much as it is fun, it is not always as easy as it looks. One has to ensure they follow strict guides and instructions for keeping up to shape physically, mentally and psychologically. You have to follow specific diet routines, exercise, fashion trends (to keep the industry hot and booming, because wearing a “no-no” will definitely be a problem and a fail). Aside from that though, it is a super exciting industry and those who are a part of it can relate to that.

There are hundreds and thousands of supermodels around the globe and even celebrities who are models themselves that sport big feet (and may I stress – big feet). They are generally around sizes 10 and upward and seeing them on the regular with such unique styles, you may wonder how they managed to source them. Well, thanks to those amazing designers who have looked pass the “normal” and decided to create a little happiness for larger feet models.

Models/Celebrities with larger feet and unique shoe styles

Each season comes with its own shoe style(s) because for sure, though many persons do wear them, it is not the best decision to choose high stilettos for winter! However, this is just my thought though because once you are greatness you can rock whatever you want, whenever you want. Here are just two of the many great supermodels that have shown the world that your mind is the only thing that affects your fashion styles:

Jourdan Dunn

Jourdan is a 27 year old model and one who has a stunning size 10 feet that she poises and walks the runway so gracefully with. Didn’t realize they were that big? Well, guess we have to give credit to her unique shoe styles that complements so well. For the record, her fashion styles always hits the right note when she touches the street due to her “feelings of being comfortable” when she chooses what to wear. She details in many interviews that she prefers to wear what her mind would be relaxed with other than what the “world” thinks is right to wear at any given time. Noticing the various trends that Dunn takes one can simple say her shoes style mainly goes in accordance with her clothing choices. A casual look may be complemented with flats or low-cut heels or may even kick back in a booty style design. However, the main thing is what makes her comfortable and not really what the critics say.

Chanel Iman

For the record, Iman can be seen as a booty and sandals (both heels and flats) lover based on all her outings and photo snaps. She uses these styles to complement her clothing fashion trends with class and elegance. Having a size 8 feet, which may be seen as normal or mid-range, Iman’s styles are outside the norm and simply in a “class by itself”. The American Fashion Model at the age of 27 has left an indelible mark on the fashion industry with her styles and poises. Emulating her would definitely see you accepting more of what makes you “real” and what truly makes you comfortable.

There are many other supermodels who are hitting year 27 that have made the world of fashion different in the eyes of its lovers and admirers. They have added class, difference, elegance and realness with a passionate attitude. Other than their clothing choices, we must also recognize their stylish feature which is most important in leading the way for the world to see them – their feet! Forget the ordinary wear and jump unto the train of wearing what will bring greatness to your step.

Michelle Obama - Size 11.5 Shoes Keeps Her Going

Michelle Obama - Size 11.5 Shoes Keeps Her Going

Many persons around the globe prefers if they were matched in the smaller shoe size group because they fear what people may say if their feet were too big. But in reality, one of the most seen and observed persons in this world, the former First Lady of the United States of America, Michelle Obama, has a stunning 11.5 foot size (but generally has to go for a size 12). Sounds unbelievable? Well, you better brush that doubt aside and come to terms with this fact because it is indeed real. Many shoes brands and shops mainly start their stock at a size 5 or 6 and end roughly at size 10.

With Mrs. Obama being such a significant figure in society, it shouldn’t be such an issue to have a wide variety to choose from. However, it is as we know it to be, designers are more inclined to serve the “larger” consumer group than just a small group of popular people. It is more of having a greater profit at times but can we really blame them though? Whether or not we like it, there are many of us taller persons and others who just possess big feet like the former First Lady who would prefer to have more choices to choose from. But with all what we are faced with in finding the perfect size and style, we can be sure of one thing, “we are different from everyone else when it comes to fashion and common wear”.

No matter what the opposition on finding the perfect choice may be, the former First Lady of the USA is always on the go with a mission to achieve something great. Look at the many strides she has made while in office and even out of office and has never yet let her “feet” be a problem for her. One thing is for sure, she is comfortable with her big feet and she has allowed others like me and other tall persons alike to become happier and more accepting. We don’t get tired easily – literally! Because, if you may know, people with larger feet, are given more strength, stability and stand for the body.

The saddest part for the former First Lady of the USA and other larger feet persons, who are a definite size 10-15, is that they have to always do greater shopping around as there are limited locations to suit their shoe size needs. She has embraced her feet with a passion and though many persons are happy they don’t share the same features as her (in terms of down there), they crave to have her other attributes. Well for your information, her feet are a part of her so if you accept half, it’s not good enough (just kidding!).

Aside from the fact that larger feet makes the body more poised for some people, it is great to be different than the “ordinary public” by having a size 10-12 or even bigger shoes size. Feeling as though you can’t accept that “big foot” you have? Why not pull a lesson or two from the former First Lady of the USA who may even have a bigger size than you. Feel comfortable and know that at least you won’t have a cat and mouse game when the shoes sales hit the market.


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Big Feet on Women Athletes

Big Feet on Women Athletes

There are many female athletes around the globe with one fascinating feature - not all females have the same foot size. With this said, there has been an enthusiastic feeling regarding female athletes who have bigger feet than their other competitors. But what are the features that make them set apart from the others? It has somehow in previous times been a struggle for females with bigger feet to get comfort in their footwear as well as have varied options and styles to choose from. But thanks to designers who have decided to have a hand in the world of catering to all sizes especially to the strong market of bigger feet females.

When you think of footwear fashion and female with big feet, you have a combination of fascination, style and difference. Having big feet as a female athlete has its many benefits especially ranging above the normal being 10-15 size. Shoes in bigger sizes can be made cool if you wear them with comfort and decide to make your statement through fashion. When you think of a woman having bigger feet, you can know what their experience will be like and what they can expect to experience:

  • Personal space
  • In sports, one’s footwear is a delicate piece of their art as this is what helps to shape them and provide their overall outcome in performance. With having big feet in the world of sports as a female, you can be certain of privacy and your personal space as your footwear can only fit you and no one else. Imagine preparing for training just to know that someone as worn and sweat in your shoe? Don’t get the wrong message as it is not about being selfish and not wanting to share but it is having what makes you comfortable and yes, your own space.

  • You have options and choices
  • When you wear bigger sizes than the others, you will not have to run a “rat race” to get a size that thousands of other persons wear. Even though not many stores stock up on larger sizes, when you favorite stores do, you can go whenever you desire because for sure, they will be a special selection for only selected persons. Not to mention sales, you won’t have to worry about leaving home too early to grab the deals. Just saying!

  • Stronger support
  • As a female sport athlete, your feet are a vital tool that keeps you going. You have the desire to ensure you are getting the full support and having bigger feet provides more grounded stability. Seeing the feet are multi-taskers especially in sports, it is definitely not a shame to be set apart from the rest.

    As noted, big feet are nothing to be ashamed of especially in sports as there are numerous advantages to it. The sporting industry is a big one and having bigger feet really and truly sets you apart. Want a wide range of shoes to choose from for your sporting endeavors? Why not go for an online option and save yourself the stress of running to a store.

    Fall 2018 Footwear Fashion Trends

    Fall 2018 Footwear Fashion Trends

    Shoes are a central part of all fashion trends and wear on a daily basis. A wearer’s choice of shoe is the perfect way to make an “unknown statement” while trying to remain comfortable. Every season has a different shoe trend that has the ability to captivate fashion lovers and everyone in general. The year 2018 has seen a tremendous growth in the way shoes are worn and how they have slowly gravitated into the styles of clothing to fit and compliment.

    Among the many fall 2018 footwear fashion trend is the need to cater to women who wear larger fitted shoes as well as alter the fashion of before. For the longest while, many designers have not really catered to that specific market but with the growth and development of the world of footwear fashion and the high demand, many are now coming on board. The various industries including sports and theatre arts among many others have seen a diverse growth in the number of women who have been joining them. With their involvement, they have changed the way fashion trends have approached these industries.

    With the many changes, the runway has created excitement for the fall 2018 season. There have been many surprises and intriguing trends with footwear that has coordinated a strong future for the world of fashion overall. This fall 2018 season of footwear designs has a mix of colors styles and ranging in different built. They have grabbed the attention of the world at large and with the designers’ determination they are paving the way for a strong future ahead. But what does this season’s style have to offer? Here are some of the most popular trends:

  • Boots
  • Boots come in various styles and forms but among the most intriguing is a psychedelic design. This brings a flare of print designing, color and pattern-coded look. It is seen as a fresh tone for the footwear fashion industry and among the most fascinating is the fact that the designs cater to both small and larger foot sizes.

  • Block Heel
  • Block heels have been a big hit before but this season has seen a major growth and new design hitting the runway. It is the perfect design that will lead straight from the runway into the open world of fashion and have seen many fashion enthusiasts gravitating towards it. These heels have provided more height with increased comfort and a touch of flare for wearers.

  • Waders
  • Have you ever thought of practicality, class and “down-to-earth” in a single footwear choice? Well, the newly designed runway fashion of the Calvin Klein collection of waders have stepped up a notch with added heels as well as a glimpse and feel of maximum comfort, elegance and personal touch.

    The fall 2018 season has developed and launch a new look on footwear fashion that no other seasons have seen. General footwear has been enhanced with class, quality and beauty and if never before, the limitation on finding your shoes size (especially on the bigger end) has been torn down.

    NYE Shoe Faves

    NYE Shoe Faves


    Big Feet Female Celebrities - Size 12s

    Big Feet Female Celebrities - Size 12s

    As a commoner, or normal person, we think the whole world is against us when we have bigger feet. We stare at all the catalogues that come in the mail, we accompany our friends to the mall as they shop for the latest stylish designer wear, while all we can do is dust off the three pairs of velcros hidden way in the back of the store. We always wish that we had that nice petite feet for whatever the reason, mostly to fit into those perfect pink pumps that would match with your outfit for later that night. 

    We look at the celebrities with their perfectly polished pedicured feet shoved into those pretty pumps and wonder why they have such luck. We envy their small petite feet. Well, not all celebrities have those pristine sized feet that we've learned to love. There are actually plenty of celebrities that understand the struggle with us. But, they've learned to embrace and flaunt their feet, so why shouldn't we?

    Elle "The Body" MacPherson, the beautiful bombshell Sports Illustrated model, host, actress, and business woman from Australia strut her stuff in her size 12 shoes. She graced 5 covers of Sports Illustrated magazine with nothing but a bikini and her wonderful feet. We're sure she's had her share of flipper jokes growing up, but who cares what the audience has to say when your path to success is clear shot. Right? 

    Stand at 6'0, she carries herself like the true gorgeous amazon she is. We cant think of any other size 12 that looked so phenomenal on the covers of Elle, Time, Fitness, Bazaar, Cosmpolitian, and more. Her resume in itself just proves our lovely motto: "Bigger Is Better". As women, we should stop looking down and just start looking ahead, when we look down we miss all the lovely opportunities headed in our direction, and the ones we do see are below our standards. So to all the size 12 women, take a step, or two and tell yourself everything is beautiful. We know we do.

    Hottest Sandal Trends: Summer 2015

    Hottest Sandal Trends: Summer 2015

    The brutal winter months have finally passed and it’s time to swap those warm, cozy fur boots for some cool chic sandals. The 2015 season has come with a lot of interesting new trends in the field of footwear. Some newly discovered styles and a few blasts from the pasts made the top 6 sandal purchases you should make to complete your wardrobe, this summer.



    Throwbacks aren’t just for Thursdays anymore these retro reboots are a hot commodity and have become essential to every girl’s summer wardrobe. You don’t have to buy the tallest pair out there to be trendy but these shoes will certainly add some height and style to your summer ensemble.



    brikenstocks 2.0.jpg

    Personally these shoes have always been in style to me, but recently everyone seems to have purchased a pair. Birkenstocks have made a big comeback this season but have been revamped in a really big way. Say goodbye to the basic Birkenstock and make room in your closet for it’s feisty and colorful cousin.

    3. MULES



    Mules are great shoes to wear with any outfit especially if you’re into the minimalistic side of fashion. Their usually a basic design and color so their pretty easy to pair with outfits and make a subtle statement. The new thing is to wear mules that have a chunkier heel with a more solid base at the back. Seems like 90’s fashion is making a comeback and is hitting hard. The new popular mule looks like it got together with a go-go boot and had a baby. Their super simple with hints of retro zest and definitely a must for summer fashion.




    A trend taken from the romans of ancient times this sandal is definitely a throwback way into history. Gladiator sandals are perfect to wear on a hot day or on a day where you feel like showing some skin. Their cool and comfortable even if they look almost impossible to put on. Pair these sandals with a beach dress or some shorts and you’re good to go.



    Fringed sandals are back in as the indigo child trend comes back to life. Everyone seems to be going on a fringe binge from jackets, to shirts, to pants, and now shoes! The fringe is really just the highlighted accessory piece to the entire shoe whether it be on heeled sandals or flat ones but is sure to make more than a few heads turn. The fringe belongs outside and like all other things in nature it must be allowed to breathe.These sandals would definitely be a cute piece to wear to a festival or any appropriate outdoors function.


    heel toed sandals.jpg

    I love heel toed sandals!! They are so cute and classy to me, a prep lover’s dream. Heel toed sandals are clean cut and sophisticated. They go well with pencil skirts, flare skirts, or the occasional trouser. While these may not seem like a summer type sandal you don’t necessarily have to wear them to the beach. These heels are perfect for the workplace or any other classy event like afternoon tea if you take it or lunch with a friend. In whatever setting these kitties show style and grace in a grand way.

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     Olivia Gibson is currently an ambitious student from the Metro Atlanta area, who has future hopes of becoming established in the fashion industry for marketing and sales. Her passion for fashion started out at a young age. She knew who Ralph Lauren was before she knew her times tables. As the years went on, her interest in couture grew. Shoes are her specialty and there’s a part of her heart solely reserved for them. Fashion is her life and she could not imagine a future in anything else. Olivia enjoys writing about current industry trends and events in the ever changing world of fashion and entertainment. She eventually wants to impact the world positively and hopes that fashion will give her an outlet to do just that.













    Orange Is The New Black: Season 3

    Orange Is The New Black: Season 3

    ‘Orange Is The New Black’ decided to surprise it’s die hard fans with a little gift to kick off the new season. The show originally was set to air Friday June 12th at midnight but  instead was released 6 hours earlier for good behavior. I must admit that I had never watched the show before so I really didn’t know what to expect, but I’d already seen firsthand how popular it has become. Within minutes after the surprise season three premier my twitter timeline was taken over by OITNB fans. The show is about an inmate Piper Chapman, a woman in her early thirties who was sentenced to fifteen months in prison after being convicted for transporting money alongside her drug dealing girlfriend. Piper is soon after taken away from her fiance Larry to a new home at Litchfield Penitentiary. While there Piper is reunited with her ex-girlfriend Alex, who ratted her out in the first place, and basically goes on to tell how Piper reexamines her relationship with Alex and survives life with the other prisoners.


    Never having seen the show I was not sure what to expect when I clicked on the red Netflix play button but I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. The first episode was named “Mother’s Day” so I was expecting a nice story about the rekindling of broken relationships and the mending of bridges burnt in the past. Little did I know that’s not quite the way that things at Litchfield Penitentiary. In this episode Joe Caputo, the director, attempts to put together a Mother’s Day fair for the inmates and let’s just say not all good intentions have good outcomes.


    The episode opens up playing a reflective theme song showing the eyes of all different types of women making you wonder the stories locked up behind each different pair. Then we dive straight into the routine of everyday life for the inmates at Litchfield. From the get go it’s established that these inmates are hard in the paint. They come equipped with no nonsense attitudes that’ll bite back if you tug too hard, but yet even the toughest egg will crack under enough pressure.We see this as the women reflect on their experiences with their own mothers and as mothers themselves.The episode continues to show the different struggles that the women go through being in prison and having children on the outside. It really made me realize that women in prison still deal with the ups and downs of motherhood if not magnified 100 times.



    One character’s story that stuck with me specifically was Sophia Bursets. What immediately drew me to her was the high class sass that she brought to the show. Sophia has a certain refinement that not many other women in the pin possess. Not only does she come with flare, she is also packing a lot of wisdom as well. Behind all the hair and makeup is a person who you can tell has learned a lot about life and how crazy it can be on the inside and out.


    I can without a doubt say that watching the premier of ‘Orange Is The New Black’ was an eye opening experience that will not soon be forgotten. This first episode has set high expectations for the rest of the season and I’m sure none of the ladies at Litchfield Penitentiary will disappoint.

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    Olivia Gibson is currently an ambitious student from the Metro Atlanta area, who has future hopes of becoming established in the fashion industry for marketing and sales. Her passion for fashion started out at a young age. She knew who Ralph Lauren was before she knew her times tables. As the years went on, her interest in couture grew. Shoes are her specialty and there’s a part of her heart solely reserved for them. Fashion is her life and she could not imagine a future in anything else. Olivia enjoys writing about current industry trends and events in the ever changing world of fashion and entertainment. She eventually wants to impact the world positively and hopes that fashion will give her an outlet to do just that.




    Gracey The Giant: Giant Shoes To Fill

    Gracey The Giant: Giant Shoes To Fill

    Gracey the Giant

    Being a tall girl can be challenging in the fashion world, especially when it comes to finding shoes in bigger sizes. “Gracey the Giant” knows all about that plight. A Pennsylvania transplant who started her own plus-size fashion blog, Fashion for Giants, Gracey has become a pro at finding fashionable kicks. This week, I had the pleasure of talking shoes and shop with the fabulous Gracey, and we discussed everything from style inspiration to the dream shoes we wish we had in our closets.


    1. What are your style inspirations?

    I get inspired by all sorts of things: blogs, books, Pinterest (I LOVE Pinterest), movies, all of it.


    1. What inspired you to start you blog, Fashion for Giants?

    I started Fashion for Giants because at the time, I couldn't find any bloggers who were built like me, both tall and a bit bigger than average. And I thought that if I was looking for inspiration, others might be too, because, personally, I am able to relate more to bloggers that I have something in common with.


    1. What are your top 3 must-have shoe styles to own?

    A cute flat; preferably something printed and/or colorful. Also, something animal print; I love animal print and popping on an animal print shoe can completely perk up an outfit. And, finally, a perfect black pump. I'm sad to say I'm still looking for that one.


    1. What are the biggest challenges you face shopping for large-sized shoes?

    Finding them in stock is a huge challenge, especially in brick and mortar stores. That's why I prefer to get my shoes online where there is a better selection. Yes, I'd like to be able to try shoes on first, but it doesn't always work out for those of us who wear larger sizes.


    1. What do you look for when finding the perfect fit for shoes?

    I want a shoe that fits comfortably enough that I'm not walking out of it in the morning, but not so tight that by the afternoon when my feet have swollen a bit, it feels like I've lost all circulation. Basically, I need to be able to wear a shoe all day, or all night, long without wanting to cry and/or be carried everywhere.


    1. What is one style of shoe to splurge on? And is there a particular style of shoe you don’t have to spend a lot of money on? If so, what are they?

    I'm thinking the perfect black pump might be the shoe I need to splurge on. They really are a great wardrobe basic so I think spending more on them is worth it. As for shoes I won't/don't splurge on, I'd say flat summer sandals. I get a pair from Target every year and they do the job for less than $20. Now, of course, if I had a job where I was wearing sandals every day and only wearing black pumps for funerals and graduations, I'd reverse that and splurge on the sandals and save on the pumps.


    1. Are there any styles you avoid when finding the perfect shoe? And why?

    Clogs, I just don't like the way they look on me. I know they're comfortable, but they're just not my style. The same is true for menswear-inspired oxfords and such; I don't like how the high vamp looks on me, so I usually avoid those as well.


    1. Do you have a favorite shoe at the moment? If so, what is it?

    I just got a pair of black, heeled Isola sandals with buckles and they are the most comfortable shoes ever; I want to wear them everywhere, every day.


    1. Many tall women feel intimidated wearing heels with their height. How do you feel about wearing heels, and what do you have to say to those who are iffy to try them on?

    I wear heels all the time because I believe that the proportions of some outfits look better with heels. Also, I've never had a problem being tall and therefore don't mind being three or four inches taller. And finally, heels, especially a well-proportioned wedge, have the advantage of making large feet look smaller, so, they have that going for them.


    For those who are hesitant to wear heels, I say start low and chunky. A low-heeled shoe won't make you feel too much like a giant and if you're unused to heels, a chunky heel will be much easier to walk in.


    1. Are there any styles of shoe that you haven’t been able to find in larger sizes, and would like to? If so, what styles are they?

    I'd like to see more printed flats - I really do love a printed shoe! And I'd also like to see more fun tied and tasseled heeled sandals. Ooh, and fringe. I'd love some fringed shoes!

    1. Have you ever had a shoe fashion faux-pas? If so, what was it and what did you learn from the experience?

    Yes, actually, I have. I purchased a pair of studded 1970s sandals at a local vintage shop and when I wore them to a production of Mama Mia! the strap broke. I had to walk to and from the venue with my sandal just flopping around on my foot! The lesson I learned is to beware of vintage shoes. I love vintage, but even leather starts to deteriorate eventually, especially if it's not cared for, and can cause shoe wardrobe malfunctions!

    1. Lastly, any tips and tricks on how to take care of your shoes so they last longer?

    Waterproofing! Before I moved to Pennsylvania, I lived in Oregon and therefore got in the habit of waterproofing everything. I cannot recommend it enough. You can usually get great waterproofing products from your local cobbler. Oh, speaking of the local cobbler, I also recommend resoling any leather-soled shoes with an all-weather sole. It will add years of life to your shoes.




    Rachael Kuhl is an aspiring fashion journalist and certified shoe diva. After graduating from California State University, Fullerton with honors in both English and Film, Rachael decided to pursue her passion for fashion and became a shoe specialist. With tons of retail experience, and a love of all things shoe-related, Rachael devotes her time to shopping and writing about the latest, greatest, and best in the fashion world. When she’s not spending her paycheck on shoes, Rachael is either traveling the world or wine tasting with her friends.