Shoes are a central part of all fashion trends and wear on a daily basis. A wearer’s choice of shoe is the perfect way to make an “unknown statement” while trying to remain comfortable. Every season has a different shoe trend that has the ability to captivate fashion lovers and everyone in general. The year 2018 has seen a tremendous growth in the way shoes are worn and how they have slowly gravitated into the styles of clothing to fit and compliment.

Among the many fall 2018 footwear fashion trend is the need to cater to women who wear larger fitted shoes as well as alter the fashion of before. For the longest while, many designers have not really catered to that specific market but with the growth and development of the world of footwear fashion and the high demand, many are now coming on board. The various industries including sports and theatre arts among many others have seen a diverse growth in the number of women who have been joining them. With their involvement, they have changed the way fashion trends have approached these industries.

With the many changes, the runway has created excitement for the fall 2018 season. There have been many surprises and intriguing trends with footwear that has coordinated a strong future for the world of fashion overall. This fall 2018 season of footwear designs has a mix of colors styles and ranging in different built. They have grabbed the attention of the world at large and with the designers’ determination they are paving the way for a strong future ahead. But what does this season’s style have to offer? Here are some of the most popular trends:

  • Boots
  • Boots come in various styles and forms but among the most intriguing is a psychedelic design. This brings a flare of print designing, color and pattern-coded look. It is seen as a fresh tone for the footwear fashion industry and among the most fascinating is the fact that the designs cater to both small and larger foot sizes.

  • Block Heel
  • Block heels have been a big hit before but this season has seen a major growth and new design hitting the runway. It is the perfect design that will lead straight from the runway into the open world of fashion and have seen many fashion enthusiasts gravitating towards it. These heels have provided more height with increased comfort and a touch of flare for wearers.

  • Waders
  • Have you ever thought of practicality, class and “down-to-earth” in a single footwear choice? Well, the newly designed runway fashion of the Calvin Klein collection of waders have stepped up a notch with added heels as well as a glimpse and feel of maximum comfort, elegance and personal touch.

    The fall 2018 season has developed and launch a new look on footwear fashion that no other seasons have seen. General footwear has been enhanced with class, quality and beauty and if never before, the limitation on finding your shoes size (especially on the bigger end) has been torn down.