As a commoner, or normal person, we think the whole world is against us when we have bigger feet. We stare at all the catalogues that come in the mail, we accompany our friends to the mall as they shop for the latest stylish designer wear, while all we can do is dust off the three pairs of velcros hidden way in the back of the store. We always wish that we had that nice petite feet for whatever the reason, mostly to fit into those perfect pink pumps that would match with your outfit for later that night. 

We look at the celebrities with their perfectly polished pedicured feet shoved into those pretty pumps and wonder why they have such luck. We envy their small petite feet. Well, not all celebrities have those pristine sized feet that we've learned to love. There are actually plenty of celebrities that understand the struggle with us. But, they've learned to embrace and flaunt their feet, so why shouldn't we?

Elle "The Body" MacPherson, the beautiful bombshell Sports Illustrated model, host, actress, and business woman from Australia strut her stuff in her size 12 shoes. She graced 5 covers of Sports Illustrated magazine with nothing but a bikini and her wonderful feet. We're sure she's had her share of flipper jokes growing up, but who cares what the audience has to say when your path to success is clear shot. Right? 

Stand at 6'0, she carries herself like the true gorgeous amazon she is. We cant think of any other size 12 that looked so phenomenal on the covers of Elle, Time, Fitness, Bazaar, Cosmpolitian, and more. Her resume in itself just proves our lovely motto: "Bigger Is Better". As women, we should stop looking down and just start looking ahead, when we look down we miss all the lovely opportunities headed in our direction, and the ones we do see are below our standards. So to all the size 12 women, take a step, or two and tell yourself everything is beautiful. We know we do.