The brutal winter months have finally passed and it’s time to swap those warm, cozy fur boots for some cool chic sandals. The 2015 season has come with a lot of interesting new trends in the field of footwear. Some newly discovered styles and a few blasts from the pasts made the top 6 sandal purchases you should make to complete your wardrobe, this summer.



Throwbacks aren’t just for Thursdays anymore these retro reboots are a hot commodity and have become essential to every girl’s summer wardrobe. You don’t have to buy the tallest pair out there to be trendy but these shoes will certainly add some height and style to your summer ensemble.



brikenstocks 2.0.jpg

Personally these shoes have always been in style to me, but recently everyone seems to have purchased a pair. Birkenstocks have made a big comeback this season but have been revamped in a really big way. Say goodbye to the basic Birkenstock and make room in your closet for it’s feisty and colorful cousin.




Mules are great shoes to wear with any outfit especially if you’re into the minimalistic side of fashion. Their usually a basic design and color so their pretty easy to pair with outfits and make a subtle statement. The new thing is to wear mules that have a chunkier heel with a more solid base at the back. Seems like 90’s fashion is making a comeback and is hitting hard. The new popular mule looks like it got together with a go-go boot and had a baby. Their super simple with hints of retro zest and definitely a must for summer fashion.




A trend taken from the romans of ancient times this sandal is definitely a throwback way into history. Gladiator sandals are perfect to wear on a hot day or on a day where you feel like showing some skin. Their cool and comfortable even if they look almost impossible to put on. Pair these sandals with a beach dress or some shorts and you’re good to go.



Fringed sandals are back in as the indigo child trend comes back to life. Everyone seems to be going on a fringe binge from jackets, to shirts, to pants, and now shoes! The fringe is really just the highlighted accessory piece to the entire shoe whether it be on heeled sandals or flat ones but is sure to make more than a few heads turn. The fringe belongs outside and like all other things in nature it must be allowed to breathe.These sandals would definitely be a cute piece to wear to a festival or any appropriate outdoors function.


heel toed sandals.jpg

I love heel toed sandals!! They are so cute and classy to me, a prep lover’s dream. Heel toed sandals are clean cut and sophisticated. They go well with pencil skirts, flare skirts, or the occasional trouser. While these may not seem like a summer type sandal you don’t necessarily have to wear them to the beach. These heels are perfect for the workplace or any other classy event like afternoon tea if you take it or lunch with a friend. In whatever setting these kitties show style and grace in a grand way.

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 Olivia Gibson is currently an ambitious student from the Metro Atlanta area, who has future hopes of becoming established in the fashion industry for marketing and sales. Her passion for fashion started out at a young age. She knew who Ralph Lauren was before she knew her times tables. As the years went on, her interest in couture grew. Shoes are her specialty and there’s a part of her heart solely reserved for them. Fashion is her life and she could not imagine a future in anything else. Olivia enjoys writing about current industry trends and events in the ever changing world of fashion and entertainment. She eventually wants to impact the world positively and hopes that fashion will give her an outlet to do just that.