Do you have a wide range of clothes/outfits in your closet but is scared in pairing them with the wrong shoes and being charged and arrested by the fashion police? (Just kidding!) Well, we are here to your rescue in helping you to make it right and feel confident and comfortable in what you are wearing.

Here are a few tips to consider when contemplating on what shoe to choose:

  • Complement color and shade

Choosing shoe colors and shades that complement the clothes you are wearing is ideal and somewhat more presentable. Don’t get me wrong – it is not the only choice to make but it presents somewhat of a more classical look than having shoe shades and colors that forms a conflict with what you are wearing.

For instance, wearing a bright-toned dress could be paired with black heels so as not to be seen as too complex or too overwhelming. Also, complementing a sparkly top with a flats or neutral colored shoe would look fabulous!

  • Add passion and excitement to dark shaded clothes

If you are wearing for instance a black or dark brown dress, you can always pair it with a red heels for instance to bring a touch of glam and excitement to your step. Also, if you are wearing plain clothes, you can also pair it with print or pattern-designed footwear.

  • Color-code with multi-colored outfits

When wearing a multi-colored outfit, it may not be the best choice to also wear a multi-colored shoe as this may “be too much” at once. You can instead choose a color from the outfit and match with a pair or shoe fitting for the occasion and one which sits well with the outfit.

  • Color matching is great but sometimes get boring

Not because you are wearing a blue outfit necessarily means you have to wear blue shoe. It is unique at times in a sense but on the other hand, it can get rather boring to be in the same thing from top to bottom. You can instead pair with a coordinating color or even go for a black – it always works!

  • Go standard colors for a professional look

Again, don’t get it wrong if we say go for standard or low-colored footwear for a professional look. Depending on your profession, you may think otherwise but as per the millions of guides you know and see every so often, low-colors presents a more “calm” and “relaxed” feel.

  • Accessories simple outfit with simple footwear.

Whatever occasion you are dressed for, wearing simple footwear to accessories and equally simple outfit will be better. Take for instance it’s the summer and going to the park with friends for a picnic; heels would definitely be a no-no whereas a flats or a slipper would get an immediate approval.

  • Clothes style and length have their shoe match

Wearing stilettos goes perfectly with pencil skirts and slim pants compared to a wedge heel in that attire; whilst wearing a knee height and above length skirt or shorts would go perfectly with flats or slippers/sandals.

Choosing what shoes to wear with any outfit is not really as hard as many people may put it. Being adventurous is cool and exciting but still maintaining what would go well together and in fact – what really makes sense is more important. Just put yourself together and who knows, you might just start the next “most sought after fashion trend”!