Many people believe seeing those amazing supermodels on the runway is an easy task and one can just simply jump on and join in. Well, as much as it is fun, it is not always as easy as it looks. One has to ensure they follow strict guides and instructions for keeping up to shape physically, mentally and psychologically. You have to follow specific diet routines, exercise, fashion trends (to keep the industry hot and booming, because wearing a “no-no” will definitely be a problem and a fail). Aside from that though, it is a super exciting industry and those who are a part of it can relate to that.

There are hundreds and thousands of supermodels around the globe and even celebrities who are models themselves that sport big feet (and may I stress – big feet). They are generally around sizes 10 and upward and seeing them on the regular with such unique styles, you may wonder how they managed to source them. Well, thanks to those amazing designers who have looked pass the “normal” and decided to create a little happiness for larger feet models.

Models/Celebrities with larger feet and unique shoe styles

Each season comes with its own shoe style(s) because for sure, though many persons do wear them, it is not the best decision to choose high stilettos for winter! However, this is just my thought though because once you are greatness you can rock whatever you want, whenever you want. Here are just two of the many great supermodels that have shown the world that your mind is the only thing that affects your fashion styles:

Jourdan Dunn

Jourdan is a 27 year old model and one who has a stunning size 10 feet that she poises and walks the runway so gracefully with. Didn’t realize they were that big? Well, guess we have to give credit to her unique shoe styles that complements so well. For the record, her fashion styles always hits the right note when she touches the street due to her “feelings of being comfortable” when she chooses what to wear. She details in many interviews that she prefers to wear what her mind would be relaxed with other than what the “world” thinks is right to wear at any given time. Noticing the various trends that Dunn takes one can simple say her shoes style mainly goes in accordance with her clothing choices. A casual look may be complemented with flats or low-cut heels or may even kick back in a booty style design. However, the main thing is what makes her comfortable and not really what the critics say.

Chanel Iman

For the record, Iman can be seen as a booty and sandals (both heels and flats) lover based on all her outings and photo snaps. She uses these styles to complement her clothing fashion trends with class and elegance. Having a size 8 feet, which may be seen as normal or mid-range, Iman’s styles are outside the norm and simply in a “class by itself”. The American Fashion Model at the age of 27 has left an indelible mark on the fashion industry with her styles and poises. Emulating her would definitely see you accepting more of what makes you “real” and what truly makes you comfortable.

There are many other supermodels who are hitting year 27 that have made the world of fashion different in the eyes of its lovers and admirers. They have added class, difference, elegance and realness with a passionate attitude. Other than their clothing choices, we must also recognize their stylish feature which is most important in leading the way for the world to see them – their feet! Forget the ordinary wear and jump unto the train of wearing what will bring greatness to your step.