Many persons around the globe prefers if they were matched in the smaller shoe size group because they fear what people may say if their feet were too big. But in reality, one of the most seen and observed persons in this world, the former First Lady of the United States of America, Michelle Obama, has a stunning 11.5 foot size (but generally has to go for a size 12). Sounds unbelievable? Well, you better brush that doubt aside and come to terms with this fact because it is indeed real. Many shoes brands and shops mainly start their stock at a size 5 or 6 and end roughly at size 10.

With Mrs. Obama being such a significant figure in society, it shouldn’t be such an issue to have a wide variety to choose from. However, it is as we know it to be, designers are more inclined to serve the “larger” consumer group than just a small group of popular people. It is more of having a greater profit at times but can we really blame them though? Whether or not we like it, there are many of us taller persons and others who just possess big feet like the former First Lady who would prefer to have more choices to choose from. But with all what we are faced with in finding the perfect size and style, we can be sure of one thing, “we are different from everyone else when it comes to fashion and common wear”.

No matter what the opposition on finding the perfect choice may be, the former First Lady of the USA is always on the go with a mission to achieve something great. Look at the many strides she has made while in office and even out of office and has never yet let her “feet” be a problem for her. One thing is for sure, she is comfortable with her big feet and she has allowed others like me and other tall persons alike to become happier and more accepting. We don’t get tired easily – literally! Because, if you may know, people with larger feet, are given more strength, stability and stand for the body.

The saddest part for the former First Lady of the USA and other larger feet persons, who are a definite size 10-15, is that they have to always do greater shopping around as there are limited locations to suit their shoe size needs. She has embraced her feet with a passion and though many persons are happy they don’t share the same features as her (in terms of down there), they crave to have her other attributes. Well for your information, her feet are a part of her so if you accept half, it’s not good enough (just kidding!).

Aside from the fact that larger feet makes the body more poised for some people, it is great to be different than the “ordinary public” by having a size 10-12 or even bigger shoes size. Feeling as though you can’t accept that “big foot” you have? Why not pull a lesson or two from the former First Lady of the USA who may even have a bigger size than you. Feel comfortable and know that at least you won’t have a cat and mouse game when the shoes sales hit the market.


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