Everybody loves a sale whether it is for food, accessories or in this case shoes! When it is announced at any store that there will be a shoe sale for a period of time, everyone starts gearing up because they want to be a part of the grand deal being offered. But aside from getting on the train with your friends and thousands if not millions of other enthusiastic shoppers, what are some of the best tactics to use in acing the perfect sale?

Know your way to saving cash and getting your desired shoes

  • Know when the right time to shop is

Knowing when the best time to shop is is the first thing you need to consider. You first need to check what the reason for the sale is and what they are offering. Take for instance, its summer and you see those “sale” signs being put up on the windows or on the shopping sites.

You may need to run a little research and see what summer sales over the years have been like and compare the pricing of the items (original price to sale price). What we have noticed with many stores, when they are about to have sales, they initially hike the original price of the item like three (3) weeks in advance.

Therefore, by the time the sale comes on and a 15% is deducted, it originally goes back to the price you were trying to avoid a few weeks ago. Take notice!

  • Choose the right stores

If there is for instance a nationwide sale (like Black Friday) and all stores have discounted goods, you still need to ensure you make the right store choice. Always remember it is “quality over quantity” because why buy lots of a similar item (because it is cheap) and then it won’t serve you any time period?

Before hand, when you are gearing up for a shoe sale, you can check the ratings and/or reviews of customers to see what the quality of a store’s item is like. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to go to a store that has reviews like, “the shoe only served me 3-weeks”.

Always remember, you may pay $3 extra at that store but it will prevent you from buying another shoe for the next 2-3 years compared to three weeks!

  • Take an online journey

Shopping online can be fun and so much hassle free! Can you imagine lying in bed in your pajamas and having access to thousands of stores with just the click of a mouse? Awesome right!

Searching online will give you the opportunity to have freedom of choice and even a wider choice selection. When the physical store may have to ship from an online source, the online store would ship directly to you instead and save you time plus those excessive mark-up prices the “brick & mortar” adds to their prices.

  • Go coupons!

Though many shoe stores don’t offer coupon use with sales, there are many that do and you can always go for that extra discount. Especially for online shoe stores, there are many coupons and even freebie gift cards that can be used to make a sale even more exciting and thrilling.

For sure, there is no harm in getting a discount on an already discounted pair of shoe right?! You can even end up getting a second pair with the extra you had brought after you saved a ton on the first purchase.

Sales are always on if you ask me but following these tips and more will help you to ace the best of the best and receiving what you desire most – quality!