It is ideal that everyone complete at least 2-3 days of workout a week or even a few minutes a day just to keep healthy and in good shape. But before you traverse down that lane, ensure you have the right footwear as this tool has the power to help you greatly or damage your feet and body overall.

There are many shoes store available out there but not many take the dedicated time in guiding their buyers or customers but prefer only the sale and cash they will receive. However, guiding our buyers is also a part of customer satisfaction and we will go the extra mile to ensuring they are happy and benefiting for both the short term and the long term.

Shoe choices and how to make them

There are various types of sports and workout activities that are done and believing the one shoe is good enough for all sport may just be the wrong perception. Here are a few tips to remember:


Shoes for your Jogging

This is one of the most popular type of sport or workout and one of the most technical. Wearing less than proper shoes will only bring about "disaster" for your feet due to the fact they are what bring stability to your step.

You need to ensure you select shoes with great cushioning and firmness that reduces the risk of internal slippage. By this we mean, having a shoe with a "tough" inner lining, will only cause tension and possible friction on your feet. In a bid thereafter to get an ease, you will tend to twist or flex your feet and may end up slipping and/or spraining your ankle.

Shoes with strong support for the arches as well as reliable cushioning for the heels is definitely some of the main features to search for when buying track shoes. You can always research additional guidelines from professional trainers to help support you’re already known tips.


Choose sizes slightly larger than your feet

When doing especially cardio workout to include machine workouts, choosing shoe that is perfectly foot-fitting may not be the best choice.

Deciding on a shoe with a quarter to a half size larger so has to have a little breathing space/room for your feet is the best option. Also, as the feet sweat, they tend to expand therefore the need for the additional space when buying.


Lifting Weights on your feet

Many persons are of the perception that you don’t need the perfect pair of shoe for your weightlifting because you are simply standing one place. But you are oh-so-wrong! Can you imagine lifting a 100-pound weight on a flat-base shoe with no strong stability or firmness?

This will only be a disaster for especially a supporting heel which is under unwanted pressure. Having a strong pair of sporting shoe (with adequate cushioning) will enable proper posture and reduce and/or eliminate the possibility of an injury.

Though it can sometimes be a challenge to find the right pair for your bodybuilding workout, the search and wait is definitely worth it. The sole may not have to be too hard as the pressure may cause your foot sole to hurt while on the other hand, it cannot be too thin. If you are not sure which is the right pair, a little research or assistance from your trainer would be ideal.

The right pair of shoe for your workout will save you a lot (physically and yeah financially too!). Bear in mind the wrong choice can cause you both short-term and long-term health issues so be wise about your purchase at all times.