One of the most troubling issues for many people when choosing the right pair of shoes is having one that compliments their body types. It may sound weird but it is in fact real because seeing your feet are one of your strongest supports, you need to ensure it is safe and comfortable. It can be so annoying especially when you have a function and in a bid to stand out, you end up creating a wardrobe malfunction that will cause you utter embarrassment and also hurt your feet and/or body in the process. So what are some of the best tips to choosing the shoe that compliments your body? How to choose the right shoes for your body type Sizing Many people prefer to be seen as having small feet despite their body size(s). Initially a lot of tall or short persons do have small feet but some are just naturally larger than what many call “average”. Eventually after buying some shoe, they stretch after a while and may end up being a little bigger than what you expected. But the truth is - going way below what is required will not stretch to your size even after years of wearing. Let us take for instance persons who are a little over the average weight size for a certain age group; having a smaller shoe size that won’t fit will only hurt your feet in trying to keep posture and balancing yourself as there will not be any grounded stability. Having the perfect size (in the case they eventually stretch) or even a half inch over (for those that don’t stretch overtime) will be best to give your feet breathing space as well as support. Shape There are many different types of foot shapes out there and not everyone does have the same. With this said, the shoe selection process can never be the same for everyone. Many persons do have what is called the “common foot” which represents a descending length of the toes from the big one down. Having this kind of foot will definitely mean wearing a “flame foot” type shoe would not be ideal because it would place pressure on both the big and small toes. Wearing round-mouthed and/or square-toed shoe would be best. Also, as it relates to shape, if you are flat-footed or broad-footed, you should consider choosing wide-width as this will give room and support for stability and great posture. Stability Full support for your feet means that your body will feel great as you walk down that street or while at a special function. Having a strong inner-sole for the shoe means your heel will be firm and your ankles will have great support to keep your body going. Also, in order to reduce the risk of developing problems such as heel spurs (which many people tend to suffer from because of wrong shoe selection); having firmness and balance in your step is ideal when choosing which shoe to wear for your body type. Style This is where most of the time is spent when choosing the right shoe. A lot of persons who have excess weight (and even average weight persons) are often times seen struggling to wear a stiletto because there is an unbalance with their body compared to the stability the shoe provides. There is nothing wrong with wearing flats or low-cut heels to a formal function has it is can compliment your fashion choice plus makes you really comfortable. It may not seem like a really big deal to choose as per your body type but in fact, try to wear the wrong selection and then you will have that one regret to never be repeated.