So many times we tend to run out and get a new pair of shoe because there is a slight fault with the ones we have. But in preventing that possible fault from occurring, there are some steps you can take that will help you out in the long run. If you are not careful, you may end up spending thousands in your lifetime for footwear and have a repeat of the same issue all the time. But aside from them being completely worn out, what other steps can you take to eliminate the chances of buying a new pair? Here are a few tips: Buy quality at first go When you go to shop for a pair of shoe, consider quality above everything else. Don’t always just buy because it looks great because before you know, you will be out to get another pair due to it being worn out quickly. When you choose quality, your decision will pay off in the long run. They are designed to endure more strenuous wear and tear effects than one with no proper construction. This may be deemed one of the best solutions to allowing you to buy a pair of shoe less often than you normally do. Protect the shoe sole Bear in mind the sole of the shoe are the base that takes most of the pressure on a daily basis. If the sole is worn out, it will allow your feet to develop issues and therefore pushing you to feel the need to get another shoe. Protecting the sole is rather simple as you can easily get a protector for the sole that will help them to last longer. Use less machine wash Many people are known to simply throw their shoe in the washer and dryer all for the sake of not spending the time to manually clean them. Are you not aware that machine wash will wear your shoe out really fast? Rather, spend manual time to clean your shoe especially after immediate wear so as not to have the dirt settling in. Also, remember that some areas of that shoe you have according to the manual should not be cleaned so the machine will only destroy it! Utilize your old newspapers Stuffing your shoe with newspaper has many benefits including eliminating possible odor and keeping them dry especially if they have gotten wet. Also, newspapers have the ability to prevent inner rot and also keeping your shoe firm and in good shape. You can repair before you replace You can always repair that dullness or that heel or even that tip whether by yourself or by your local shoe repair man. You can easily buy a polish of the same color, help yourself to a tip from the store or you can seek assistance from the repair man who will have all the answers you need. Store your shoe in a safe place When you get home, don’t just kick them off and leave them in the living room; instead, take them to the shoe stand and dust them off before you put them up. Also, if you have ones you don’t wear for a long time, you should take them out regularly; refresh them with cleaning and even some air to keep them intact. There are many other ways you can prevent yourself from going to get a new pair in addition to these listed here. They have worked directly and indirectly for so many persons who have put them in effect and they too can work well for you.