Many women live by the words, “beauty comes with pain” and no matter the extent they have to go to bring out the “perfect look”, they will do just that. For a lot of persons, more so women, shoes are a vital part of their everyday lives. They feel it is as important as surviving because it helps to bring their intended message across and complete their overall feelings for the day. But asides from the fact that shoes must be worn, is it mainly about what fits better with your outfit, what looks cuter or what is more comfortable to the wear? In fact, many wear for the fashion sakes but in reality, when comfort comes into play, one will feel more confident about themselves and what they have on. Comfort tells a stronger message more so than what the “fashion polices” will have to say. It portrays you as an individual who is positive about themselves and encourages others to focus on whom and what they are instead of what the onlookers may say. But why wear for comfort when it doesn’t really fit my style of clothing? When you wear because of fashion’s sake, you are only hurting yourself and trying to impress the general public or maybe those in your circle. Let us be real for a moment…why would you wear a stiletto knowing well you had a major foot cramp a day or two ago? Is it because you have a formal function and don’t want to look less than the rest? Why not consider your health first and go for a more balanced and supporting footwear that will be aiding in your full recovery. Here are a few other reasons to wear more for comfort than style:
  • Keep your entire being relaxed and happy
When you choose comfort over mere fitting, you realize you are doing your body more good. Wearing comfortable footwear helps with full body support especially your back. You put less pressure on straining your muscles to keep you relaxed. Also, proper and comfortable footwear provides the body with quality arch support and alignment. Bear in mind the foot is the base of the body and that which keeps the body upright. Uncomfortable shoe will result in poor posture and eventually long-term negative effects.
  • Your creativity and feeling
Your comfort is yours to choose and flow with! When you go comfort over simply wearing, you will love yourself for it. Others will see your happiness and self-consciousness and in turn feel motivated to do like you. Your comfort is your own work of art and a statement you want to make from how you look. Don’t get the wrong impression here as comfort as no set style it comes in. It can be flip-flops, flats, wedge-heels, stilettos or even barefooted! When we speak of comfort, we refer to wearing not only because of the occasion but more of what works best for you. Dare to be different and while doing so, maintain your highest level of comfort!