One of the strongest ways in making one feel confident about themselves comes after that final look in the mirror before stepping out and realize you look great! For a fact, when your dress makes you smile and constantly glance over your shoulder for the last or maybe, second to last, well, another look at yourself, it makes a world of difference in how you will approach your day. A smile is a powerful tool that enables you to start your day right and proceed right through in ensuring your daily goals are achieved. Complimenting the way we look with the footwear of choice and knowing we are going about with the look of our heart will definitely make our step stronger, firmer and more confident. The evolution of shoes throughout the years Aside from what you are wearing, your shoes says a lot about you and the more unique and effective they are to your style, the more your mood and aura will be impacted positively. Shoes in history was known for its practicality in terms of providing comfort against uncomfortable surfaces, weather or whatever other purposes. For now and going into the future, shoes have become a way of life as it speaks to the individual wearer and their inner uniqueness. Footwear in earlier times was more to make you feel fearful or fearless in any given instance. Whether they match with your outfit or fit the occasion at hand was more important than what the wearer themselves felt. However, the need for fitting with the crowd or what the “fashion polices” have to say is no longer a valid point in the world of footwear fashion. It speaks louder than ever now of what makes you comfortable and what you feel confident to step out in. Price does not determine confidence The price tag attached to the shoe does not speak its confidence level. So many times we come across celebrities who have gracefully worn a $20 pair of shoe without glancing for one bit at the critics. For them, it is all about what they love and what they know within themselves they will rock with a unique style. You determine how much power footwear has by the way you eloquently compliment it with your clothing choice. Also, you may even pull that purse or wallet out and grab yourself an expensive yet quality pair of shoe not only for the looks or likes but what your heart smiles at. Your inner feeling boost your confidence The world of fashion has so many features attached to it and you have the final say how the world looks at it. Your inner feeling determines how you will step and the more comfortable and happy you feel inside will boost your confidence with every step you make. Taking pride in your appearance does not mean you must follow your surroundings. Self confidence and comfort shadows every doubt you may feel as you dress in the morning, afternoon or even for that evening event. It is all about how you feel and step, over what others may think. Make your steps with confidence and leave a positive mark on self comfort for those who see you as a role model.