We can all agree with the statement that shoes play a more integral role than just to move around in. It is often said that a women’s best friend lies in diamonds, pearls and so many other beauties, but let’s be real here, which woman is not fascinated by shoes enough for it to become her best friend? If you present a woman with a gold ring lined with diamond and a shopping spree in a shoe store, of course she will choose the latter! Just imagine a simple ring or necklace that one has to show it to be seen compared to a closet filled with beautiful footwear that will make a daring statement with every step you make. The footwear is powerful and even with one, you can write a whole fashion story compared to making just a statement. But how is this possible? Imagine you are at the stage where you only have a single pair of shoe (even though you can still have a lot at the time), but various clothing/outfit. Would you not go out just because you feel the single pair is not enough? Before anything else, comfort must be the utmost decision for choosing a pair of shoe and not because you want to fit in. But how can one pair of shoe suit numerous outfits? Flats for Women Flat shoes for females go a far way because they fit in all seasons, with all outfit types and for all occasions. They are generally a flexible type shoe that will take you anywhere efficiently and effectively. Attending a formal function, there are some nicely designed flats that can be worn to compliment the outfit that was chosen. Flats are also a great deal for a social gathering as you would be able to maneuver easily without having to put strain on your legs. We have indeed had that one pair of flats that we wear to every event, function and every other destination we venture to. Yeah, don’t mind what others say…it is still yours! High/Low Heels We all know how it is when we talk of having that perfect set of heels whether it is high or low-cut. They too can be worn for various occasions and paired nicely with a pants suit for the office, a pencil skirt lining your figure nicely as well as for a social get together with a shorts and a spaghetti-strapped blouse for that summer bounce. Slippers Many people are really against wearing slippers but they are great company in your closet to be worn with many of your favorite outfits. Many people believe a slippers cannot be worn to the office but oh how wrong they are! Yeah, we don’t necessarily mean a “flip-flop” because for sure that seems and looks a bit unprofessional. But there are some amazing slipper designs that can be worn without giving away your formal look. Casuals for Men There is no set obligation that states men have to wear the “perfect gents” for all occasions. That’s a trick from some sellers to make you buy what they only sell and not wanting you to create diversity with something different. A casual style shoe can work efficiently with all outfits whether it is formal, semi-formal or even casual. Cheer up! Not because you have one pair of shoe you won’t go to the meeting or to the office party. Wear the one you have regardless of the outfit you choose. Once you are comfortable, you can start a trend that speaks loudly that everyone will love. For sure, we all have that pair we love don’t us? Well, there you go, wear it with confidence!