Stepping out of summer and into autumn shouldn’t be a hard decision for shoe lovers whether some people believe it or not. For many persons whether fashion lovers or not, look forward to the fall season every year. They make sure their wardrobe and shoe rack have the necessary things to carry the perfect season’s look and feel. However, shoes in general, can be a really hectic thing, especially when trying to find the right pair to go with your outfit. So many times, we ourselves become fashion police and wonder how a particular fashion combination could have even been thought of.    Many people are of the perception that one shoe type should never be worn for all the season and truly, we believe them. We believe every season should have their own style and trend and something that is unique to it. One of the most interesting seasons is autumn and many people do look forward to it for different reasons. But as you decide to step out, what shoe style would be ideal for an outing for the fall?    Here are a few of our top picks:   Hard Sole Shoe   Fall is a time for travel and excursion and what better shoe to choose than one that will support you as you enter terrains of different ground texture. These shoes will provide your feet with firmness and strong support as you do your regular walk in the park, rock climbing or other hard ground activities. Depending on your favorite brand or style, these are a must have for the fall season.    Knee High Boots   Sometimes autumn can become a little chilly especially on the midway to ending stages and these boots will do your feet and overall body great justice. It is said that if your feet are warm, your entire body will feel some level of warmness as well (we have experienced this too! Cool right?). Also, they are a great combination for coat wearers as they complement the overall outfit tremendously.    Waterproof Boots   Don't throw these boots in the box and just forget them because autumn will send you searching for them. Fall can most times come with lots of rain and the wet weather so these will come in handy to keep your feet dry and warm eventually. You will have to get to the office or across town while it's raining, and no, they don’t look out of place! There can really be some beautiful styles you can choose to complement your outfit well.    Autumn does have a mix of everything if you check it and as such, your shoe selection will vary. There are so many things going on in fall, from your excursion across town, to the leafy walk in the park or even those continued days of rainfall. Fall creates a cycle for your feet as leading from sandals in the summer to a full cover-up in the fall, will provide for you diversity in your shoe closet.