Your shoes if cared for with passion and diligence could serve you for quite a long time. We have seen persons having the same shoe serving them years while others who have a copy of the same, losing out after just six months. Sounds unbelievable? Well, it is real. When you take proper care of your shoe, you will have a long-lasting duration and it will eventually save you some extra cash and prevent you from heading to the stores earlier than expected.    Winter shoes are those shoe that everyone has in their closet because when that cold hits, it is nothing normal. For each winter season, you don’t have to go purchasing new pairs because how you treat the ones you have, can benefit you greatly. Yes, we know you brush them off when you get home (which is good!), but there are so many other tips to ensuring they are protected.   Here are a few ways you can care for your winter boots to serve you for a long time:   
  1. Clean them right after wearing  
Many shoes tend to store the extra dust and dirt they attract while you were out and this can damage your footwear. When you clean them thoroughly right after wearing, it reduces the chances of easy rotting when dirt and/or other substances fasten in hard to reach areas.   Don’t be the lazy kind that simply throws them off anywhere as you get in because you are tired. You may have to work a little harder (which many of us don’t really need), in order to replace a shoe because a good quality one was not treated well.   
  1. Dry your shoes after getting wet   
Whether you believe it or not, water has a way of causing some shoe to dry-rotten easily. When you get home after a wet day, it is essential you dry your footwear and to do this, you can:  
  • Stuff them with newspaper to help absorb the extra moist they may have gathered  
  • Using a wet rag to clean also will help as this will clean any extra dirt which the rain may have flashed on your shoe.  
Bear in mind, using a blow dryer or placing your shoe near the furnace or radiator will be doing more damage than good. These actions will cause your shoe to develop cracks and other damages that you may not really love.  
  1. Use protective elements  
We all have that leather and/or fur shoe that we love so much and pull for every winter. But they have gradually gone through quick wear and tear because the wet condition doesn’t agree with them too well. You can correct this by spraying wetproof spray or you can add an exterior lining to keep the cloth areas dry especially in the snow. Having shoe bags also helps to keep your footwear in good order and reduces the chances of possible damages.   
  1. Let your shoe get fresh air  
When you have a few minutes to spare, you can take your shoe to a well air ventilated area to give them some dry air. Natural air gives your shoe a chance to restore to original texture and also gives it freshness from the inside out.    There are many other ways you can care for your shoe and though some may cost an extra $1 or $2, don’t be stingy as this gives you the opportunity to save on hundreds in the long run.