At the age of 23, Kendall Jenner is a glamorous world-traveling model and a famous Keeping Up with the Kardashians television reality star. Along with her stunning features, she stands 5’10” and wears extended size women shoes to fit her size 10 feet. Not long ago, when she posted a nude of herself on her Instagram somehow her feet stole the show, and not for the most flattering of reasons. Stop the presses! Kendall Jenner took a picture and her toes were not posed to perfection in the eyes of social media trolls. Let’s be clear on one fact—no matter how Jenner poses her feet, she knows how to wear large women shoes to perfection. Her fashionable footwear choices seem to vary from traditional to out of the box. With an eclectic style, Jenner tends to adorn her feet in various footwear such as sneakers, high heels, boots and daring and unique shoes that make us all gawk and applaud. Sneakers When Jenner hits the streets with sneakers, she’s been seen wearing the athletic shoes with high waisted jeans, leggings, sweats, shorts, or with the occasional dress. She has even joined the “Dad Sneaker” fad of sporting bulky tennis shoes. Jenner sets the example that sneakers of any style can be worn with various outerwear. High Heels On the red carpet, Jenner’s size 10 feet are decorated in high heels that add flash to an already stunning outfit. She may be showing some serious skin, but her lovely, bigger feet are a perfect 10 in high heels. Boots Jenner knows how to rock boots in a variety of ways. She’s been spotted wearing boots with dresses, shorts, jeans, and even track pants. Jenner seems to make her own fashion rules when it comes to wearing boots and we love her for it. Daring Footwear We can also applaud the model for the daring choices she makes with unique footwear. Whether it’s flaming, wedge shoes or boots that tie up to her thighs, she commands any exotic shoe fashion to look glamorous. Modeling seems to have taught Kendall Jenner how to walk with confidence in the perfect shoes. Let’s all take a cue from her that big women shoes can still be fashionably stunning and that there really aren’t any rules when it comes to adorning stylish footwear. Whether she wears big sneakers, high heels, boots, or daring footwear, her message is loud and clear: Be daring, be glamorous, be comfortable, be you, no matter what larger foot size you may have.