Smells Like Teen Spirit

Smells Like Teen Spirit

Finally, the 90’s have returned and woman around the country have rejoiced! From vamp lips to grudge sweaters, it’s returned!

The best part of this trend is the shoes and here is how you can rock them!


Doc Martens have returned and I’m very pleased since I just bought my first pair. If you’re looking for edgy go for the classic black or go simple with a floral print. The floral print is both girly and grunge.

Oxfords and Loafers

Oxfords and Loafers are classic shoes that can go from day to night with the right outfit. Not only are these shoes sensible, but they’re the perfect piece that can be added to any outfit. If you want to make your shoes stand out even more, opt for a metallic silver oxford or gold loafer for some edge.




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Rihanna x Puma Brings Front Row Fuss for NYFW 16

Rihanna x Puma Brings Front Row Fuss for NYFW 16

Rihanna has left yet another set of breadcrumbs on the digital road, cluing us into what she has up her sleeves. The newly donned creative director of Puma will reportedly showcase her Rihanna x Puma collection at the NYFW 16 on February 12th at 8:00 pm.

Rihanna x Puma Front Row Ticket Giveaway


Although we’re tapping our nails for a formal announcement by either Puma’s or Rihanna’s reps, the songstress has tweeted about the FW16 debut and offering front row tickets to the show through her charity—The Clara Lionel Foundation, which honors her grandparents’ Clara and Lionel Braithwaite—where fashion-forward enthusiasts (or pure Rihanna Stans) can enter an auction bid for a chance to win two business class tickets and two-night stay in NYC for an exclusive experience including backstage passes, pieces from the collection, a few autographed Creepers, and much more. While the minimum bid starts at $15,000, Paddle 8—the digital auctioneer for this event—asserts that the experience is simply priceless. We agree.

Front Row at Puma by Rihanna NYFW Show, 2016


The auction starts today and ends at 3:00 pm. Tick tock.



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5 Female Celebrites WIth Big Feet: Some Big Feet Hotties

5 Female Celebrites WIth Big Feet: Some Big Feet Hotties

It’s quite a rare sight to see a woman with size 12 feet but not in Hollywood where models and the daughters of famous basketball players live. For years celebrity women have complained about their feet, knowing that no amount of money can change their foot size. They have problems with shoes that women with smaller feet never seem to have and can be limited to fashion choices. The struggle is real to these women. Here are 5 Female Celebrities With Big Feet.


  • Kendall Jenner - size 10. The 19-year-old model has confirm that she cannot wear anything under a size 10. She has never been able to borrow shoes from her many sisters due to such a huge difference in size. Her feet did, however, grow to match Khloe Kardashian’s shoe size. Both women wear a size 10 and are the tallest two in their family.

  • Serena Williams - size 10 ½. The tennis star has rather large feet but the fact that she’s extremely athletic and on her feet, chasing a ball around, it might give her an advantage in the sport world.

  • Paris Hilton - size 11. The socialite has always been able to pull off having big feet. At 5’8”, she was bound to have a big shoe size but it seemed she was unaccepting of it because she would wear shoes that were too small for her which would cause her toes to overlap. In recent years, she hasn’t complained of the problem. Perhaps she embraced her big feet finally?

  • Tyra Banks - size 11 ½.  It is said that even though Tyra’s shoe size comes in at 11 ½, she prefers a size 12 because it is more comfortable to her. After all, Tyra is a retired model and is probably relieved that she no longer has to force her foot into shoes that are much too small for her.

  • Elle MacPherson - size 12. Elle actually has some of the biggest feet in Hollywood and wears the same shoe size as her husband. She also comes in at a towering 6’0”.

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5 WNBA Players With Big Feet Who Made Their Dreams Come True

5 WNBA Players With Big Feet Who Made Their Dreams Come True


How To Clean Finished Leather Boots

How To Clean Finished Leather Boots

One of the most wonderful things about winter is the chance to wear boots. Whether sky-high platforms, sexy over-the-knee boots or funky, leather boots are fun to wear. They're also prone to soiling, especially when striding city sidewalks. If you're wondering how to clean finished leather boots, don't worry. It's not hard at all, if you follow a few simple techniques.

Here's what you'll need:

  • Newspaper
  • Shoe brush
  • Soft cloths
  • Saddle soap
  • Leather conditioner
  • White vinegar to remove salt stains
  • Liquid silicone

Start by spreading a sheet or two of newspaper on the surface where you'll be cleaning your boots. You can also stuff boots with crumpled newspaper to help them remain upright while cleaning and drying.

Use a shoe brush to whisk away surface dirt and debris. If finished leather boots show salt stains, use a 50-50 mixture of warm water and white vinegar to dab them away. Take care not to wet boots too much, as doing so can warp the leather.

Apply a small amount of saddle soap to a damp cloth. A dime-sized dollop is just right. Rub the saddle soap in a circular motion over each boot, then use another dampened cloth to wipe away all traces of saddle soap.

Blot boots with a towel and buff to restore the luster of the leather. Allow boots to dry naturally, away from sunlight and radiant heat sources. Once boots are completely dry, apply leather conditioner over each boot, excluding the sole and heel.

If you wear boots in an area prone to inclement weather, you may wish to apply a liquid silicone product to the outside of your boots to help protect them from water and grime. Brush your boots every time you take them off, and cleaning them will be easier.

Boots are an important fashion investment. If you take proper care of them, your leather boots can last a lifetime. Want to know more about how to care for boots and shoes? Contact us without delay. We are Lonia, and we love beautiful boots and shoes as much as you do.

Why Not to Work Out in High Heels

Why Not to Work Out in High Heels

Over the past several years, working out in high heels has grown in popularity. From pole dancing classes to more traditional work out routines, more and more people are swapping athletic shoes for stilettos. Supporters claim that this type of footwear increases the benefits of exercise. However, there are several solid reasons why you should not work out in high heels.

Improper Form

Proper form during a workout is essential, for effectiveness and safety. It takes practice and concentration to achieve this correct form while exercising. When you wear heels, your body shifts into a different position. This makes proper exercise form even more difficult. You may increase the risk of tweaking something and risk not getting the very best from your workout.

The Taller You Are, The Harder You Fall

Even with stellar form and perfect balance, falls do happen during workouts. Depending on the type of exercise, they may happen often. Wearing heels increases those chances and makes tumbles harder on your body. Because your body position changes in heels, its reaction to a misstep also changes. You may twist an ankle, fall, and land awkwardly. Injuries are more likely when falling in heels than when falling in running shoes.

Joint Pressure and Impact

Working out in high heels puts undue pressure on joints. The shock created by impact goes to the wrong places in your body when wearing heels. Exercising in heels increases pressure and shock in the spine, knees, and hips because of body position as well as shoe design. Correct athletic footwear is designed to absorb shock, whereas heels are not. Even low impact workouts are hard on your joints when paired with high heels.

High heels are powerful, sexy elements of fashion. They can put that glossy cherry on top of a great outfit. However, that’s where you should leave them. Because of the toll they take on your body, they should not be in the gym with you. Keep safety and effectiveness in your workouts by slipping out of those heels and into footwear designed for running, squatting, jumping, and cycling.

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Cross-Dressing: Finding The Right Shoe in a Women's World

Cross-Dressing: Finding The Right Shoe in a Women's World

Cross-Dressing: Finding The Right Shoe 

For many crossdressers who are taking their very first step out into the world, they may have many questions flooding their heads about what people might think, what happens if they run into someone they know, or will they be noticed. However, a question that goes unasked far too often is, “Do these shoes go with this outfit?”. The answer is usually no for many crossdressers. That’s because the majority does not spend the time loving the diversity of women’s shoes. There are so many! Different styles, different colors, different materials… The possibilities are endless. Of course, for a lot of crossdressers, they’re lucky enough to find a pair that they can just barely cram their rather large feet into.

When it comes to choosing a woman’s shoe, you must pay attention to the two measurements of the shoe, which are length and width. The first number (9, 10, 11, etc.) is the length of the shoe. If the width is nowhere in sight, it usually means it has a  medium width which gradually gets slightly bigger as the size goes up. Width is also not indicated with numbers. This measurement is expressed by letters instead. AA is the most narrow and WW is the widest. In order to find your women’s shoe size, you’ll need to take your men’s dress shoe size and add one. If you wear a half size, round up. For the width, you’ll need to add one also. In example, a men’s 10 ½ medium would be a women’s 12W. You may also notice that sizes vary by manufacturers and it’s very difficult finding the largest sizes in the store. You’ll probably have better luck shopping online from a site that offers free shipping and free returns until you find the right size.

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Safe Shoe Types and Colors For An Interview

Safe Shoe Types and Colors For An Interview

Getting ready for an interview? This is your first chance to make an impression, and what you wear matters. You'll want to make sure your whole outfit looks put together and professional, and shoes can really make or break an outfit. Here are some tips to pick out a safe shoe type and color for your next interview:


Pick neutral colors.

You want your personality and achievements to shine the most during the interview, so it is best not to distract from that with brightly colored shoes. Nude and black colors are safe and work well with most outfits. If you want to try something a little more bold, go with shades like light pink or gray that don't stand out too much, but still add a little pop to your outfit.


Choose the right height.

Comfortable flats are always a good choice for interview. However, if you want a little extra height, go for some shorter-heeled pumps. Five-inch stilettos may look good on some occasions, but aren't always appropriate in a work environment. You don't want to be stumbling around during your interview in shoes that are too tall or uncomfortable. 


Be comfortable, and be you!

There are many different styles and colors to choose from that fit these guidelines. The most important thing in an interview is to feel comfortable and confident in what you are wearing. It is good to be safe in your choices of style and color, but still pick a shoe that fits your personal style. 


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A Study in Contrasts: Trending Shoe Colors for Spring & Summer 2016

A Study in Contrasts: Trending Shoe Colors for Spring & Summer 2016

The Pantone fashion color report for 2016 offers a great indication of the shoe colors that we will likely see in the spring and summer of 2016. Muted hues of pinks, lavenders, and tan will be popular. In addition, bright green, blue, and a warm red will make quite a statement in fashion this year.

Therefore, take your pick of your favorite color combinations. Match the latest footwear with your wardrobe and shop to spring and summer update your shoe collection.

Here are some ways we'll likely see trending colors in warm weather footwear:

Bright Accents and Contrasts

Pops of bright color in women's footwear include bright shoelaces on sneakers and bright straps on women's heels. Geometric designs may include one, two, or three colors for footwear. Footwear that makes a statement will likely be in, with bold combinations of styles and colors. Some people won't be afraid of combining eye-catching hues of red, green, and yellow for footwear.

Sweet, Pastel Shades

It's just not springtime without some pastel in your wardrobe. Trending looks for warmer weather footwear include pastel leather and subtle light tan shades. Bows and wavy details for footwear could be a trend this upcoming season. Light gray and pastel yellow footwear will likely be popular in upcoming months, with cutouts and creative straps around the foot.


Timeless Black or White Shoes

White, strappy heels with high-quality construction may also be popular for 2016. In addition, women will still gravitate towards the perennial black shoe as a wardrobe foundation. Black ballet flats that featuring delicate or sturdy materials will likely both be popular in 2016. Luxurious black heels with various textures and creative details may also be trending choices.

Our site features high-quality women's footwear in large sizes. To learn more about our selection, or to find out if we carry your size, contact us


How to Avoid Ugly, Painful Bunions

How to Avoid Ugly, Painful Bunions

Bunions. Not a very pretty word, is it? Ask anyone who has ever had one, and they're sure to tell you that a bunion is as ugly (and twice as painful) as it sounds.

Bunions are a common and avoidable foot condition that primarily affects people who wear ill-fitting women's shoes. Feet that spend a lot of time in tight, pointy-toed high heels are especially prone to the potentially crippling condition. Let's talk about how to avoid ugly painful bunions.

Wear shoes that fit

Yes, it's as easy as that. Know your proper shoe size and never try to squeeze your tootsies into too-tight shoes.

If you have to make a choice, choose comfort over style

Stay away from shoes with narrow, pointed toes. Opt for rounded or squared toe boxes to give your toes plenty of room to spread out. Cramped quarters are the commonest cause of bunions.

Keep it on the down low

No matter how much you love them, eschew sky-high heels. Choose flats or very slight heels instead. Sorry, but towering heels are another common cause of nasty bunions.

Walk this way

Observe your stride. If your feet tend to roll inward when you walk, consider putting arch supports in your shoes or speak to a podiatrist about orthotic inserts.

If you think these rules will make it impossible to wear fashionable shoes, don't worry. Lonia stocks and sells an amazing assortment of comfortable footwear in styles and sizes that look as good as they feel. Strut your way through winter and beyond in a gorgeous pair of Hannah Over-the-Knee boots. These sexy and stylish Italian-made black leather boots feature a roomy rounded toe and slight heel, and they won't give you bunions.

The best way to avoid bunions is to always wear shoes that fit well. That said, it's a very good thing that you found us. Lonia offers an extensive catalog of luxury shoes in women's sizes 10 to 15. If you've ever tried to find those sizes in a typical upscale department store, you know what a fruitless quest that can be. If you need help selecting your size or have any questions about Lonia shoes, contact us without delay.

High Heels Vs. Tall Women: 4 Reasons Why You should Rock 'Em!

High Heels Vs. Tall Women: 4 Reasons Why You should Rock 'Em!

Since time immemorial, tall women are told all the reasons why they shouldn’t wear high heel shoes. From "You're so tall already," to "You will intimidate a guy if you're taller than him," there has always been a high heels vs. tall women mentality among certain people. Tall women shouldn't limit their heel size just because it can make some people uncomfortable. In fact, here are some reasons why you should rock 'em!

It’s a confidence booster: Some people seem to think that a tall woman should limit their shoe choices to just flats and sandals. Don’t fall into that trap! Wearing high heels shows the world that you have enough confidence to embrace your height despite the naysayers. Not only does high heels make you look good, wearing them can make you feel empowered. 

People look up to you, literally and figuratively: In a 2012 study, British researchers discovered that tall women are considered, “More assertive, confident, richer, capable, successful and independent.” Wearing heels in the workplace can make women appear more authoritative and can help level the playing field with male coworkers.

Heels make your legs look great:  Not only will they make long legs look even longer, heels accentuate the calf muscle by making it appear shapelier.  Additionally, they can change your posture by helping you keep your back and shoulders straight.  

High Heels make you the center of attention: As a tall woman, you can't help but be noticed. But when you step into a room with your confidence on display and wearing a killer pair of heels, you'll draw every eye to focus on you. From the boardroom to the club, high heels will make you stand out from everyone else. 


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Weight Lifting In Heels? In This A Cute Style or Does It Just Look Dumb?

Weight Lifting In Heels? In This A Cute Style or Does It Just Look Dumb?