It’s quite a rare sight to see a woman with size 12 feet but not in Hollywood where models and the daughters of famous basketball players live. For years celebrity women have complained about their feet, knowing that no amount of money can change their foot size. They have problems with shoes that women with smaller feet never seem to have and can be limited to fashion choices. The struggle is real to these women. Here are 5 Female Celebrities With Big Feet.


  • Kendall Jenner - size 10. The 19-year-old model has confirm that she cannot wear anything under a size 10. She has never been able to borrow shoes from her many sisters due to such a huge difference in size. Her feet did, however, grow to match Khloe Kardashian’s shoe size. Both women wear a size 10 and are the tallest two in their family.

  • Serena Williams - size 10 ½. The tennis star has rather large feet but the fact that she’s extremely athletic and on her feet, chasing a ball around, it might give her an advantage in the sport world.

  • Paris Hilton - size 11. The socialite has always been able to pull off having big feet. At 5’8”, she was bound to have a big shoe size but it seemed she was unaccepting of it because she would wear shoes that were too small for her which would cause her toes to overlap. In recent years, she hasn’t complained of the problem. Perhaps she embraced her big feet finally?

  • Tyra Banks - size 11 ½.  It is said that even though Tyra’s shoe size comes in at 11 ½, she prefers a size 12 because it is more comfortable to her. After all, Tyra is a retired model and is probably relieved that she no longer has to force her foot into shoes that are much too small for her.

  • Elle MacPherson - size 12. Elle actually has some of the biggest feet in Hollywood and wears the same shoe size as her husband. She also comes in at a towering 6’0”.

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October 17, 2017


Declan said:

Women with big feet are so sexy!

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