Fairy tales suggest that the princess--inevitably a delicate flower with dainty features and even daintier feet--is dreaming of a hero rescue. Here in the real world, there are plenty of modern-day princesses who don't have small feet but still manage to take a shot at making their dreams come true. Like these 5 WNBA Players With Big Feet, who would never describe themselves as delicate flowers but who are the heroes of their own stories, all while being pivotal members of the Women's National Basketball Association.

Swin Cash: With a WNBA career that started in 2002, Swin Cash is a reckoning force on the court. Her size 12 feet don't seem to have tripped her up at all, considering her MVP and Outstanding Player awards, as well as the time she spent on the U.S. Olympic Women's Basketball team. Swin may play basketball like she's slaying dragons, but off the court, she hasn't allowed big feet to stop her from being a hero in her own life story.

Asjha Jones: Having size 13 shoes since the age of 12, Asjha Jones knows all about trying to squeeze her feet into any old shoe. Though she has shown versatility in her professional career in playing for 11 different WNBA teams since 2002, when it comes to her big feet, Asjha is like any other princess. She just wants shoes that have both comfort and style!

Brittney Griner: Brittney Griner certainly seems to exemplify the assumption that things grow bigger in Texas, with her feet coming in at a size 17 in men's (translated into women's sizes, that's a whopping size 19, y'all!). Big feet or not, Brittney already has a list of accomplishments in her as-yet mere two years with the WNBA. It is safe to say that this is one fairy tale that will surely have a happily ever after, one step at a time.

Lindsay Taylor: While in the WNBA for 11 years, Lindsay Taylor and her size 17 feet were 3 times crowned MVP of the Big West Tournament.  At a height of 6' 8", Lindsay measures in as one of the tallest athletes in the WNBA; she is an inspiration to all other girls and women with big feet who have dreams they want to see fulfilled.

Maria Stepanova: This tall Russian primarily was a part of the WNBA from 1998-2001; though her career was shorter than many of her colleagues, Maria Stepanova's size 15 feet are not. In fact, the only thing bigger than her feet might just be her height--at a stunning 6 foot 8 inches tall, which puts her in the top 10 tallest women in the WNBA, this princess doesn't need a pedestal to stand above the crowd.

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October 17, 2017

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