The Pantone fashion color report for 2016 offers a great indication of the shoe colors that we will likely see in the spring and summer of 2016. Muted hues of pinks, lavenders, and tan will be popular. In addition, bright green, blue, and a warm red will make quite a statement in fashion this year.

Therefore, take your pick of your favorite color combinations. Match the latest footwear with your wardrobe and shop to spring and summer update your shoe collection.

Here are some ways we'll likely see trending colors in warm weather footwear:

Bright Accents and Contrasts

Pops of bright color in women's footwear include bright shoelaces on sneakers and bright straps on women's heels. Geometric designs may include one, two, or three colors for footwear. Footwear that makes a statement will likely be in, with bold combinations of styles and colors. Some people won't be afraid of combining eye-catching hues of red, green, and yellow for footwear.

Women's Footwear

Sweet, Pastel Shades

It's just not springtime without some pastel in your wardrobe. Trending looks for warmer weather footwear include pastel leather and subtle light tan shades. Bows and wavy details for footwear could be a trend this upcoming season. Light gray and pastel yellow footwear will likely be popular in upcoming months, with cutouts and creative straps around the foot.

Black and white shoes


Timeless Black or White Shoes

White, strappy heels with high-quality construction may also be popular for 2016. In addition, women will still gravitate towards the perennial black shoe as a wardrobe foundation. Black ballet flats that featuring delicate or sturdy materials will likely both be popular in 2016. Luxurious black heels with various textures and creative details may also be trending choices.

White Strappy Heels

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