Cross-Dressing: Finding The Right Shoe 

For many crossdressers who are taking their very first step out into the world, they may have many questions flooding their heads about what people might think, what happens if they run into someone they know, or will they be noticed. However, a question that goes unasked far too often is, “Do these shoes go with this outfit?”. The answer is usually no for many crossdressers. That’s because the majority does not spend the time loving the diversity of women’s shoes. There are so many! Different styles, different colors, different materials… The possibilities are endless. Of course, for a lot of crossdressers, they’re lucky enough to find a pair that they can just barely cram their rather large feet into.

When it comes to choosing a woman’s shoe, you must pay attention to the two measurements of the shoe, which are length and width. The first number (9, 10, 11, etc.) is the length of the shoe. If the width is nowhere in sight, it usually means it has a  medium width which gradually gets slightly bigger as the size goes up. Width is also not indicated with numbers. This measurement is expressed by letters instead. AA is the most narrow and WW is the widest. In order to find your women’s shoe size, you’ll need to take your men’s dress shoe size and add one. If you wear a half size, round up. For the width, you’ll need to add one also. In example, a men’s 10 ½ medium would be a women’s 12W. You may also notice that sizes vary by manufacturers and it’s very difficult finding the largest sizes in the store. You’ll probably have better luck shopping online from a site that offers free shipping and free returns until you find the right size.

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