Just because you're a weight lifter, that doesn't mean you don't like to look good. And an intriguing new concept has started hitting the world of female weight lifting: lifting in heels. The concept is a little strange, but some are swearing by it. So we're here to answer the question: weight lifting in heels: cute or dumb?

First of all, let's take a look at this video to see what happens when weightlifting in heels goes wrong. The girl here definitely looks cute in her dress and in her heels. And she obviously has the strength to lift the major weight, so kudos to her for that. That's obviously a strong woman who deserves a lot of credit.

But once she starts lifting that weight, you see the obvious problem here: her knees start to buckle, her legs shake, and she falls to the ground. While she definitely looked cute and competent up to that point, her fall (which thankfully didn't look serious) made her a viral video victim.

Was there any way she could have avoided this fate? She should have switched out her heels and used a pair of shoes that better support her weight. You see, when you're lifting weights like that, you are putting so much of it into your heels. With only the small point of the high heel supporting her weight, she was obviously doomed to failure.

For weight lifting, you're going to want to pick out a good pair of sports or tennis shoes that fully balance your weight along your feet. You can still look awesome weight lifting in a dress, should you feel so inclined. But leave the heels for fashion-conscious times, such as weddings or nights on the town.

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