The Three Top Benefits of the Platform Heel

The Three Top Benefits of the Platform Heel

These benefits of the classic platform heel may encourage you to throw on a pair and spice up your wardrobe. The platform heel has been on the forefront of style for years and for a good reason-- this simple, modern style heel has benefits that outweigh other high heel options. A common problem for many women and men who wear sizes above an eight is finding a shoe option that offers the right comfort and balance for their foot size. The platform heel has the perfect shape and balance for this issue.

A Thick Sole- Since platform heels are considered high heels, their height is a necessity to their design. Platform heels are created with thick soles throughout the length and width of the shoe. These soles are typically  made with cork and rubber materials that provide an extra level of comfort and impact absorption that make them a fan favorite for people who suffer from foot pain. 

Even Height Distribution- Traditional high heels are angled so that the front of the foot nears the ground while the heel is high above. This can put extra strain on calves and shin bones. It can also cause back pain. The platform heel offers even height distribution so you look taller and more slender while not putting unnecessary pressure on your body. Because of this unique design, no matter how high your heels are, they still feel comfortable.

Casual or Dressy- Since platform heels are considered heels, they are inherently dressy. You can wear them with dresses and skirts for any occasion. Surprisingly to some, platform heels also look great with your favorite pair of jeans. They can easily be dressed down to look more casual as preferred, and they come in a wide variety of colors and materials to match any outfit.  

These three benefits are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the advantages of a good pair of platform heels. You'll find the platform heel you choose from our site will become your new favorite pair of shoes. You'll look effortlessly chic while being secretly more comfortable than you ever remember feeling in high heels!

Shoes For The Ages: What are Popular Shoe Styles for Different Age Groups?

Shoes For The Ages: What are Popular Shoe Styles for Different Age Groups?

Shoes for women offer many possibilities - from attracting the perfect someone at a social event to looking stunning while spending time with friends. Shoes also give women a variety of options for creating a professional work look. In different stages of women's lives, they tend to choose different styles of shoes. While this isn't an exact science, women do seem to prefer certain types of shoes according to their age.

Enjoy this brief glance at popular styles of shoes for the ages:

Teens to 20's

Young women in their teens and 20's like to experiment with wearing trendy footwear. Teenagers may want to slowly get used to heels by wearing them to special occasions. They like to have a variety of shoes that reflects their personality for casual, social, and formal occasions. 

Shoe embellishments, fun dressy shoe straps, and creative patterns are popular options for young women. Some shoppers prefer bold fashion-leading shoes while others enjoy shoes that work well for many occasions. Over time, women make decisions about their wardrobe style and choose shoes that work well with their lifestyle. 

30's to 40's

Women in their 30's and 40's tend to seek versatile footwear that offers comfort and style. Many women in this age group are savvy shoppers. They are also busy with family and work obligations. Therefore, women in this age group look for shoes that fit their specific criteria.

High-quality flats, boots, and business-appropriate heels are popular choices for the woman on-the-go. Leather or faux-leather shoes are timeless options. Sturdy heel support and some coverage over the foot provide stability for the busy woman. It's also important to have some distinctive shoe options for special occasions. Women in their 30's and 40's tend to invest in well-made footwear, especially for formal wear.

50's and Beyond

As women age, they seek footwear options that offer more comfort. Lower heels and orthotics are welcome features of footwear that cushion the feet. Comfort-oriented shoes can help ease pain associated with arthritis or posture issues.

Flats, well-designed sneakers, and low heel shoes with plenty of room are welcome options for women in this age group. Women may also seek shoes with thick straps over the top for stability. Many options of well-cushioned footwear still offer an on-trend look. Women in their 50's and beyond still have plenty of shoe choices. 

We offer fashionable shoes in hard to find large sizes. To learn more about ordering from our selection of women's shoes, contact us.

Three Styles of Women's Flat Shoes That Offer Comfort and Glamour

Three Styles of Women's Flat Shoes That Offer Comfort and Glamour

Women's flat shoes are a timeless choice that look flattering on a variety of feet. They are comfortable and add a touch of grace to trendy, classic, or sophisticated outfits. If you're a long-time fan of this heel-free shoe, you might be searching for new patterns or styles of flats to add new possibilities to your wardrobe.

These three types of flats are versatile choices for the shoe collector: 

Flats with Prints

Distinctive prints offer a fresh style to the classic flat. On-trend options include geometric prints and abstract prints. Meanwhile, polka dot prints and animal prints also make flat shoes look creative and fun. Consider wearing flats with prints in the summer with a trendy outfit at the office, or in the winter with a holiday ensemble if it's not too chilly.

Suede Flats

Explore different materials when it comes to flats. Suede absorbs light and gives the shoe depth of color. This material looks bohemian or casual in lighter shades and sophisticated in darker shades. A black suede flat looks effortlessly gorgeous with many dressy ensembles. Some ideas for outfits include classic black suede flats with dress pants or a well-tailored skirt.


Lace Up Flats

The lace-up look is a growing trend that provides stability and support to the ankles and adds detail to an outfit. Lace-up flats provide some coverage over the foot while also adding comfort. Wear lace-up flats with jeans, a flowing dress, or shorts (if you're daring).

We believe people with feet of all sizes deserve fashionable shoes. Our women's shoe selection offers carefully selected options to complement your wardrobe. Contact us to learn more about the styles and large sizes that we carry. 

Trending Footwear Fashion to Embrace or Skip for Spring/Summer 2016

Trending Footwear Fashion to Embrace or Skip for Spring/Summer 2016

Women's footwear fashion for Spring and Summer 2016 is hard to pinpoint. The trends noted on well-known fashion websites cover everything from bold, geometric styles to subtle neutral footwear hues. Here are some predictions for trending footwear fashion.

Bold, Chunky Heels

An online Harper's Bazaar article features shoes with thick, chunky heels for Spring and Summer 2016. For example, 60's inspired wood mules with wide heels have been noted on the runway. Some chunky-heeled shoes have wild patterns and textures.

This Spring and Summer may be a study in contrasts. For example, a smooth leather upper part of a shoe is paired with a large textured heel. Some heels have highly contrasting metallic designs that cover the entire shoe.

Unique, Creative Looks

A UK Vogue site covering Spring and Summer 2016 shoe trends shows many unique footwear designs. Some shoes feature bold, thick metal studs. The lace-up look is also trending. Textures and creative designs range from retro, swirling aesthetics to nature-inspired patterns and animal textures. The open-toe look with plenty of stability through leather straps over the top of the foot may be popular in the upcoming months. Dramatic heels may also be popular, ranging from thin to thick options.


Creative variations could be very popular for Spring and Summer 2016. Harper's Bazaar features sneakers with pointed toes and open heel straps. Some sneakers have hidden heels that provide elevation, and some have a fashionable metallic look. This may coincide with the popular trend of everyday leisure wear.

We sell fashionable women's shoes in hard-to-find large sizes. To learn more about ordering shoes for women in large sizes, contact us.


3 Signs that the Transgender Community is Taking Fashion by Storm

3 Signs that the Transgender Community is Taking Fashion by Storm

Last year saw the transgender community take the fashion industry by storm, as a trio of talented game changers with a heart for social equality burst forth onto the scene. 

Trans Models, NY, NY

Started in March of 2015 by transgender model Peche Di, this forward-thinking agency has already signed 19 models - 10 men and 9 women. It is the first of its kind in New York City: an agency solely dedicated to representing transgender talent.

Di was inspired to form her own agency by a friend who was helping her with an English-language interview. According to the Daily Mail, she was ruing the lack of work for transgender models such as herself when Roi Ben-Yehuda, now a team member, advised her to start her own business tailored towards representing this group.

At the ripe young age of 26 she did just that. Di's models, designers, and makeup artists combine brains with beauty. Her agency's members not only have resumes that include top fashion magazines such as Vogue and Vanity Fair, but have also worked in television production and written for such noteworthy publications as the New York Times, BET, and Ebony. 

Di plans to showcase her agency's top talent at an all-trans fashion show during New York Fashion week this February. 

VERGE Fashion Show

Empowerment and style website dapperQ's Editor-in-Chief Anita Dolce Vita famously said "Queer style is a social movement" in a recent HuffPost article.  Judging by the turnout at this 2015 New York Fashion Week event, she was right on the money.

VERGE was the largest gathering of queer and trans identity designers during the week, with eight costumiers showcasing their work. Hundreds turned out for the show at the Brooklyn Museum to see the artistry of NotEqualMARKANTOINELACTICSAGASunSunKQK by Karen Quirion Fony, and Jag & Co. The designs stressed inclusion and the breaking up of the fashion industry's unrealistic standards of beauty. 

Gogo Graham 

Thanks to transgender fashion designer Gogo Graham, New York Fashion Week 2015 didn't just showcase transgender designers; it also hosted an event that featured all trans femme models. InFABRICATIONS: Meet Trans Fashion Designer Gogo Graham, the designer says that the show at the Manhattan Ace Hotel had both a purpose and a passion. She aimed to tell the stories of the women walking the catwalk, as well as to give them a stage that merged their talent with her designs to create an extraordinarily energetic event. 

Graham's concern for the recent surge in slayings of trans women of color motivated her to use her talent to highlight her model's multidimensional layers. Her empowering designs were made to celebrate femininity and fit each woman's unique personality.

We'd love for you to contact us today and start rocking OUR "big" styles that complement the creative flair of these revolutionary fashion icons!

Grammy Awards: Footwear Spotlight on 8 Memorable Red Carpet Looks

Grammy Awards: Footwear Spotlight on 8 Memorable Red Carpet Looks

The Grammy Awards are a mecca for footwear fun because dresses are shorter and fashion is more playful. We compiled a list of the sharpest shoes and boldest boots from the last several years that hint at what's in store for us on February 15th, the biggest night in music!

  1. Jennifer Hudson 2015 - Thong ankle-strap stilettos aren't for the faint of heart, but Hudson's empowered personality made them the perfect fit for her. Her secret weapon to keep them in place? A clear strap across the toe.
  2. Adele 2012 - She famously matched her manicure to her glittering silver Christian Louboutin shoes, a precursor to her shining performance of "Rolling in the Deep" later that night. 
  3. Jenny Lewis 2015 - These bodacious Aritzia boots from artist Adam Siegel highlighted the eclectic voice of this indie talent. 
  4. Corinne Bailey Rae 2012 - Christian Siriano squared-platform pumps offset the circular style of her perfectly proportioned black Siriano dress and jazzed up this soulful singer's red carpet look. 
  5. Lady Gaga 2010 - Her recent stunning rendition of the National Anthem at Super Bowl 50 was preceded by a different type of performance when she rocked these celestial Georgio Armani crystal-embellished platforms.
  6. Ciara 2011 - Pairing these fierce black Givenchy sandals with a flowing spring dress caused some controversy in the fashion world, but as her latest song "I Bet" shows, this R&B diva doesn't shy away from expressing herself. 
  7. Taylor Swift 2015 - Purple Giuseppe Zanotti sandals added some eye-pop to her elegance and set the stage for a fun night for this 7-time Grammy award winner. With 7 more nominations at this year's ceremony, we'll have to wait and see if her shoes can match up to her talent.
  8. Beyonce 2015 - Spectacular Fendi sandals adorned the feet of this 17-time Grammy award winner, the second most celebrated woman in the ceremony's history. Her recent Super Bowl halftime performance in Christian Louboutin 'Country Croche' Black Boots makes us wonder - will her look be more classic or "Uptown Funk" this year?

 Contact us today to get all the latest trends and styles from the red carpet!

Make Us Your Source for Big Women Shoes

Make Us Your Source for Big Women Shoes

Buying new shoes can be an enjoyable experience; however, for many who have feet that aren't the standard size, it can often turn out to be a nightmare. Ever since you can remember, your long and/or wide feet have given you a hard time--with one shoe style, the length is a perfect fit, other shoes the width is tighter than its narrow counterpart.

And the salesperson inevitably has no clue how to help. When the question of your shoe size comes, do you automatically anticipate the all-too-familiar reply of "oh we don't carry that"? Do you groan as you think of all of the times shoe shopping has turned catastrophic? 

This can make it frustrating for the woman who wants to find beautiful, fashionable shoes in her bigger than average foot size, but just can't seem to find consistency across brands. How does someone with a larger foot shop effectively for footwear when no one seems to understand what she needs? In reality, what a lot of ladies want to know is: is it possible to find one reliable source for big women shoes

The short answer to this question is: absolutely!

Here at Lonia Shoes, we strive to provide our customers with a hassle-free shopping experience. We have fashion-forward styles in flats, pumps, sandals, boots and more--all intended to meet the needs of the larger-footed woman without any worry of repeating catastrophic shoe shopping trips of the past. Contact us today to see how we can get you fitted into your next favorite pair of shoes!

5 Tips To Be Comfortable In Your Heels All Day Long

5 Tips To Be Comfortable In Your Heels All Day Long

We all love wearing heels: they make our legs look slimmer, boost our confidence, and complement any outfit. But no one wants to be the girl who can’t walk in her heels, or come home with blisters all over their feet, so here are some of our top tips to be comfortable in your heels from morning till night. 



1. Pick the right pair of shoes for the day

If you want to make sure you’ll be comfortable all day, think about what you’re going to do, and which shoes would be the most appropriate. Are you going to be sat down for most of the day, or stood up? Are you going to be walking on carpeted floors, or on uneven surfaces? If you’re going to an exhibition with your best friend, for example, you’re likely going to be standing up for a lot of the time, so make sure you get the right mix of comfort and style by choosing a pair of wedgies or block heels. Like stilettos, they make your legs look elongated and slimmer, but, thanks to the extra support, they don’t hurt your feet as much.


2. Wear your favorite pair

If you’re unsure about what you are going to do, or if you’ve got a stressful day head of you, always pick a pair of shoes you like and feel comfortable in. The day could take you anywhere, so wearing a new pair of shoes might not be the best idea, as they might need breaking in first. Relying on an old favorite is always a good idea, and it’s also a great confidence booster!


3. Use gel insoles

Gel insoles are a sure way to make any pair of heels more comfortable in an instant: they are like little cushions that help keep pressure off your feet. They stick to your shoe insole for extra comfort, and because they are clear, you can even wear them with sandals. Some gel insoles can even prevent your toes from sliding forward in your high-heeled shoes – which can be very painful and rather inelegant when wearing open-toed shoes – by holding the ball of your foot in place.


4. Take a pair of flats with you

Got a full day ahead of you? If you’re planning to go out with some friends after work, you might want to put a pair of flats in your bag, like many stylish women do. Give your feet a rest by swapping your heels for a pair of flats for the journey from the office to the bar, and then from the bar to home. You’ll feel more at ease walking around (especially at the end of the day) but you’ll still be able to show off your gorgeous heels to your friends.


5. Shop wisely

The best tip we can give you to make sure you’re comfortable in your shoes throughout the day is to buy shoes that fit properly and feel comfortable. It’s easy to ignore the pain when you stumble upon a real bargain on a pair of designer shoes that barely fit, but you’ll just end up suffering, or not wearing them. If you buy shoes that are well made and fit properly, you’ll be a lot less likely to suffer in them in the future. Here at Lonia, we make stylish shoes for big sizes, because we believe every woman should feel comfortable in her shoes.

The Best Footwear from NYFW and LFW

The Best Footwear from NYFW and LFW


5 Tips To Transition Your Summer Wardrobe into Fall

5 Tips To Transition Your Summer Wardrobe into Fall

1. Warm up your summer dresses with tights and knitwear

Just because the temperature is slowly dropping doesn’t mean you have to wave goodbye to your favorite Summer dress just yet… Why not wear it with opaque black tights and a woolen cardigan to warm it up? You can also wear a jumper on a lightweight, flowy dress to make it look like you’re wearing a skirt and jumper.


2. Booties + bare skin = bliss

Cute flowery dresses look adorably edgy when worn with booties and bare legs. It’s a great way to get more wear out of your Summer dresses and keep warm.


3. Try socks in sandals

The most fashionable girls love this Fall trend, but be warned that it can turn into a bit of a risqué exercise. It works best with rather chunky sandals in tan leather or suede worn with pretty and sophisticated socks. Make sure you avoid plain white cotton socks, this will not be a good look!


4. Complement your outfit with rich Fall hues

Fall is all about rich and gorgeous colors inspired by nature. Add a burgundy, rust, mustard, dark green or khaki chunky cardigan to your favorite white Summer dress to create a gorgeous and warm outfit. Wear with booties and bare legs for the ultimate transition look.


5. Add leather to the mix

Leather has the ability to make any outfit look instantly edgy, and it’s also a great way to make your outfit more interesting by playing with different textures. Your favorite lightweight silky blouse will look stunning with leather leggings and either stilettos or biker boots. Throw in a stylish cardigan to keep warm and you’ve got the perfect Fall look! Long waterfall cardigans look amazing on tall girls and look great when worn with leather leggings.


Alternatively, a leather jacket works like a charm when worn on a cute flowery summer dress. Plus, if your leather jacket is new, it’s best to start wearing it early so the leather has time to stretch out and become softer and softer (you’re welcome!).

5 Stylish WNBA Players With Size 10+ Feet

5 Stylish WNBA Players With Size 10+ Feet

Sometimes it can feel like wearing a larger shoe size is putting a damper on your personal style, but these 5 stylish WNBA players with big feet show that size is nothing but a number.

Nneka Ogwumike
Nneka Ogwumike was the number 1 WNBA draft in 2012, the WNBA MVP in 2016, and currently plays for the Los Angeles Sparks. In addition to basketball star, one of Ogwumike’s newest titles is Team Adidas Member, after getting signed to represent Adidas this past spring with her sister (fellow WNBA Player Chiney) We’ll expect to be seeing Nneka in lots of stylish Adidas this year!

Nneka Ogwumike

Kia Vaughn
Kia Vaughn currently plays for the New York Liberty and is a former start of the Rutger’s basketball team. Kia doesn’t let her height or shoe size stop her from wearing whatever she wants! In 2014, Kia even made an appearance on the hit TLC show “Say Yes to The Dress” looking for the perfect dress to match her fabulous 6 inch heels.

Kia Vaughn

Crystal Langhorne
Crystal Langhorne is a New York City native who currently plays for the Seattle Storm. Crystal has a self-professed love of style—declaring that although she is a professional athlete, she doesn’t want to spend her life in sweats! Crystal even started a style blog called “Crystal’s Closet.” A popular topic on the blog is how to find clothes and shoes if you’re taller or have larger feet—Crystal is a size 13.5! One of her top tips is to shop online at stores with great return policies to allow for a quick try-on.

Crystal Langhorne

Skylar Diggins-Smith
Skylar Diggins-Smith is a Notre Dame grad and current Dallas Wings Point Guard. Diggins-Smith is not only a star on the court, but also a star on the red carpet! One of her stand out recent looks was a gorgeous beaded gown worn at the 2016 ESPY’s, where she was a presenter with Usher (and yes, she wore size 11 heels with the dress and they looked incredible!).

Stefanie Dolson
Stefanie Dolson currently plays for the Chicago Sky, was drafted 6th overall in 2014, and played center on the UConn team that won back to back championships in 2013 and 2014. She is 6ft. 5in. tall and wears a size 12 or 13 depending on the shoe. Beyond her impressive basketball achievements, Stephanie is also known for her unique off-court style. From rocking lavender hair to expert vintage shopping, Stefanie is certainly a style icon!

Stefanie Dolson

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7 Hottest Trends for Fall 2017

7 Hottest Trends for Fall 2017

1. Florals
Florals aren’t only for spring and summer! Try cooler or darker patterns to adapt your floral look for fall—think moody vintage couch patterns.

2. Metallics
Go for the gold and incorporate some metallic into your wardrobe! Gold and silver are particularly in right now, and can add a touch of glam to any fall look.

3. Mismatched patterns
Mismatched patterns are no longer a style faux-pas—complex patterns like check print, plaid, or patchwork are going to be everywhere this season so feel free to get creative.

4. Slouch Boots
Say goodbye to the tight boots of last year. This fall, slouch boots are back! From simple leather styles to heavily embellished, there will be lots of options for you to pick the slouch boots of your dreams.

5. Sparkle
Channel your inner disco queen and rock some sparkle day or night. On the runway, designers have used glitter, crystals, and even sequins to achieve this look, so use your imagination!

6. Fringe
Let it all hang out and add some fringe to your look—all the better to shimmy with.

7. Velvet
No longer just reserved for the holidays, velvet has been all over the fall runways with pieces from casual skirts to full length evening dresses in all colors.