Shoes for women offer many possibilities - from attracting the perfect someone at a social event to looking stunning while spending time with friends. Shoes also give women a variety of options for creating a professional work look. In different stages of women's lives, they tend to choose different styles of shoes. While this isn't an exact science, women do seem to prefer certain types of shoes according to their age.

Enjoy this brief glance at popular styles of shoes for the ages:

Teens to 20's

Young women in their teens and 20's like to experiment with wearing trendy footwear. Teenagers may want to slowly get used to heels by wearing them to special occasions. They like to have a variety of shoes that reflects their personality for casual, social, and formal occasions. 

Shoe embellishments, fun dressy shoe straps, and creative patterns are popular options for young women. Some shoppers prefer bold fashion-leading shoes while others enjoy shoes that work well for many occasions. Over time, women make decisions about their wardrobe style and choose shoes that work well with their lifestyle. 

30's to 40's

Women in their 30's and 40's tend to seek versatile footwear that offers comfort and style. Many women in this age group are savvy shoppers. They are also busy with family and work obligations. Therefore, women in this age group look for shoes that fit their specific criteria.

High-quality flats, boots, and business-appropriate heels are popular choices for the woman on-the-go. Leather or faux-leather shoes are timeless options. Sturdy heel support and some coverage over the foot provide stability for the busy woman. It's also important to have some distinctive shoe options for special occasions. Women in their 30's and 40's tend to invest in well-made footwear, especially for formal wear.

50's and Beyond

As women age, they seek footwear options that offer more comfort. Lower heels and orthotics are welcome features of footwear that cushion the feet. Comfort-oriented shoes can help ease pain associated with arthritis or posture issues.

Flats, well-designed sneakers, and low heel shoes with plenty of room are welcome options for women in this age group. Women may also seek shoes with thick straps over the top for stability. Many options of well-cushioned footwear still offer an on-trend look. Women in their 50's and beyond still have plenty of shoe choices. 

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