Women's flat shoes are a timeless choice that look flattering on a variety of feet. They are comfortable and add a touch of grace to trendy, classic, or sophisticated outfits. If you're a long-time fan of this heel-free shoe, you might be searching for new patterns or styles of flats to add new possibilities to your wardrobe.

These three types of flats are versatile choices for the shoe collector: 

Flats with Prints

Distinctive prints offer a fresh style to the classic flat. On-trend options include geometric prints and abstract prints. Meanwhile, polka dot prints and animal prints also make flat shoes look creative and fun. Consider wearing flats with prints in the summer with a trendy outfit at the office, or in the winter with a holiday ensemble if it's not too chilly.

Suede Flats

Explore different materials when it comes to flats. Suede absorbs light and gives the shoe depth of color. This material looks bohemian or casual in lighter shades and sophisticated in darker shades. A black suede flat looks effortlessly gorgeous with many dressy ensembles. Some ideas for outfits include classic black suede flats with dress pants or a well-tailored skirt.


Lace Up Flats

The lace-up look is a growing trend that provides stability and support to the ankles and adds detail to an outfit. Lace-up flats provide some coverage over the foot while also adding comfort. Wear lace-up flats with jeans, a flowing dress, or shorts (if you're daring).

We believe people with feet of all sizes deserve fashionable shoes. Our women's shoe selection offers carefully selected options to complement your wardrobe. Contact us to learn more about the styles and large sizes that we carry. 

October 17, 2017

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