Women's footwear fashion for Spring and Summer 2016 is hard to pinpoint. The trends noted on well-known fashion websites cover everything from bold, geometric styles to subtle neutral footwear hues. Here are some predictions for trending footwear fashion.

Bold, Chunky Heels

An online Harper's Bazaar article features shoes with thick, chunky heels for Spring and Summer 2016. For example, 60's inspired wood mules with wide heels have been noted on the runway. Some chunky-heeled shoes have wild patterns and textures.

This Spring and Summer may be a study in contrasts. For example, a smooth leather upper part of a shoe is paired with a large textured heel. Some heels have highly contrasting metallic designs that cover the entire shoe.

Unique, Creative Looks

A UK Vogue site covering Spring and Summer 2016 shoe trends shows many unique footwear designs. Some shoes feature bold, thick metal studs. The lace-up look is also trending. Textures and creative designs range from retro, swirling aesthetics to nature-inspired patterns and animal textures. The open-toe look with plenty of stability through leather straps over the top of the foot may be popular in the upcoming months. Dramatic heels may also be popular, ranging from thin to thick options.


Creative variations could be very popular for Spring and Summer 2016. Harper's Bazaar features sneakers with pointed toes and open heel straps. Some sneakers have hidden heels that provide elevation, and some have a fashionable metallic look. This may coincide with the popular trend of everyday leisure wear.

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