1. Warm up your summer dresses with tights and knitwear

Just because the temperature is slowly dropping doesn’t mean you have to wave goodbye to your favorite Summer dress just yet… Why not wear it with opaque black tights and a woolen cardigan to warm it up? You can also wear a jumper on a lightweight, flowy dress to make it look like you’re wearing a skirt and jumper.


2. Booties + bare skin = bliss

Cute flowery dresses look adorably edgy when worn with booties and bare legs. It’s a great way to get more wear out of your Summer dresses and keep warm.


3. Try socks in sandals

The most fashionable girls love this Fall trend, but be warned that it can turn into a bit of a risqué exercise. It works best with rather chunky sandals in tan leather or suede worn with pretty and sophisticated socks. Make sure you avoid plain white cotton socks, this will not be a good look!


4. Complement your outfit with rich Fall hues

Fall is all about rich and gorgeous colors inspired by nature. Add a burgundy, rust, mustard, dark green or khaki chunky cardigan to your favorite white Summer dress to create a gorgeous and warm outfit. Wear with booties and bare legs for the ultimate transition look.


5. Add leather to the mix

Leather has the ability to make any outfit look instantly edgy, and it’s also a great way to make your outfit more interesting by playing with different textures. Your favorite lightweight silky blouse will look stunning with leather leggings and either stilettos or biker boots. Throw in a stylish cardigan to keep warm and you’ve got the perfect Fall look! Long waterfall cardigans look amazing on tall girls and look great when worn with leather leggings.


Alternatively, a leather jacket works like a charm when worn on a cute flowery summer dress. Plus, if your leather jacket is new, it’s best to start wearing it early so the leather has time to stretch out and become softer and softer (you’re welcome!).