We all love wearing heels: they make our legs look slimmer, boost our confidence, and complement any outfit. But no one wants to be the girl who can’t walk in her heels, or come home with blisters all over their feet, so here are some of our top tips to be comfortable in your heels from morning till night. 



1. Pick the right pair of shoes for the day

If you want to make sure you’ll be comfortable all day, think about what you’re going to do, and which shoes would be the most appropriate. Are you going to be sat down for most of the day, or stood up? Are you going to be walking on carpeted floors, or on uneven surfaces? If you’re going to an exhibition with your best friend, for example, you’re likely going to be standing up for a lot of the time, so make sure you get the right mix of comfort and style by choosing a pair of wedgies or block heels. Like stilettos, they make your legs look elongated and slimmer, but, thanks to the extra support, they don’t hurt your feet as much.


2. Wear your favorite pair

If you’re unsure about what you are going to do, or if you’ve got a stressful day head of you, always pick a pair of shoes you like and feel comfortable in. The day could take you anywhere, so wearing a new pair of shoes might not be the best idea, as they might need breaking in first. Relying on an old favorite is always a good idea, and it’s also a great confidence booster!


3. Use gel insoles

Gel insoles are a sure way to make any pair of heels more comfortable in an instant: they are like little cushions that help keep pressure off your feet. They stick to your shoe insole for extra comfort, and because they are clear, you can even wear them with sandals. Some gel insoles can even prevent your toes from sliding forward in your high-heeled shoes – which can be very painful and rather inelegant when wearing open-toed shoes – by holding the ball of your foot in place.


4. Take a pair of flats with you

Got a full day ahead of you? If you’re planning to go out with some friends after work, you might want to put a pair of flats in your bag, like many stylish women do. Give your feet a rest by swapping your heels for a pair of flats for the journey from the office to the bar, and then from the bar to home. You’ll feel more at ease walking around (especially at the end of the day) but you’ll still be able to show off your gorgeous heels to your friends.


5. Shop wisely

The best tip we can give you to make sure you’re comfortable in your shoes throughout the day is to buy shoes that fit properly and feel comfortable. It’s easy to ignore the pain when you stumble upon a real bargain on a pair of designer shoes that barely fit, but you’ll just end up suffering, or not wearing them. If you buy shoes that are well made and fit properly, you’ll be a lot less likely to suffer in them in the future. Here at Lonia, we make stylish shoes for big sizes, because we believe every woman should feel comfortable in her shoes.