When you’re tall, shopping can be a disastrous occasion. If you are 5'9, instead of 5'4 like the height of an average United States woman, pants often only come to your ankles and shirt sleeves rarely reach your wrists. If you’re in the market for a pair of deconstructed ripped jeans, the holes don’t appear in the right places on your legs, which makes for an ill-fitting outfit. A cute romper is often too short, goes up your crotch, and pulls at your shoulders. Mini skirts are pornographic look on you and mini dresses look like shirts on a tall woman. Some retailers understand that tall women are built differently then the average woman. When you are in a panic and need a place to shop, check out the list of retailers below that carry tall inseams.


GAP specializes in jeans and versatile casual clothing. GAP jeans come in petite, regular, and long styles. The long style has a longer inseam. GAP carries midi & max length, knee, and mini length. For a comfortable effortless look try shopping GAP.


JCPENNEY regularly has sales and clearance items in their Tall Women Clothing section. Their Tall Women Clothing section carries brands like Liz Claiborne, Worthington, and St. John's Bay. This reasonably priced department store has casual wear, business attire, denim, and easy going dresses.


Loft's website, loft.com has an entire section dedicated to a tall fit. Loft makes dresses, pants, jeans, skirts, coats, and blazers in a tall size. Loft.com also has a tall fit guide. Shoppers can measure their bust, waist, hip, and sleeve length then look at a chart to find their perfect fit. Loft’s tall pants/denim are 3in .longer than their regular size pants length.


If you’re a busy person who doesn’t have time to try on outfit after outfit because you’re searching for your perfect look that fits great, then Stitch Fix may be a good option for you. Users of the service Birds to fill out a style profile. A stylist curates a box that has an outfit put together just for you. The stylist takes into consideration your size and preferences when designing a box. The box is sent through the mail, and you can try on each piece of the outfit in the privacy of your home. You will only pay for the items you decide to keep. You return the pieces you decided not to keep. Another benefit of Stitch Fix is that you can try on clothes and accessories on your time. Go to stitchfix.com to sign up for the service.

Women who wear extended size women shoes often are tall. Tall women need clothes that fit their bodies and are good quality. If you’re tall, be proud! Dress how you feel on the inside. Many retailers design clothing to fit all body types, so have some fun building your amazing, tall wardrobe!