It’s the season for vacationing. Maybe a sandy beach is calling your name, a secluded mountain cabin you can unwind at, or maybe you’re going on a family vacation to a thrilling amusement park. If you’re anything like me, then you’ll stuff clothes, makeup, shoes, and other essentials into a suitcase. You’ll push down the top of it by sitting on it and zipping it tight. When you get to your destination you might find your clothes are wrinkled, your shoes are crumbled and have lost their form, and your makeup has spilled everywhere. Packing in a crazy way is never efficient, and you will never have room for your large women shoes doing that. Try using the following packing tips to make sure everything fits in place and you’re ready to rock your vacation look!

First, lay your suitcase on its back with it fully opened. Extended size women’s shoes take up more room then smaller size shoes. Put the soles of your heaviest shoes against the walls of your suitcase. This way of packing works well if you are using a rolling suitcase.

If you are planning on bringing high heels or different shaped shoes, think about bringing them in a separate bag. If you cannot bring a separate bag, pack pairs side by side, with one heel a shoe next to the other shoes toe

If you want to bring a pair of boots, make sure they are not made with a stiff material that doesn’t fold over. Those types of boots take up too much room in your suitcase and may not be the height of your suitcase..

Stuff your socks, camis, underwear, or other small clothing items into the inside of your bottom and side layers of shoes.

Pack your lighter shoes like flip flops or flats on top of the heavier bottom layer of shoes. Flats can be packed with a small clothing item inside them as well. Layer your jeans, sweaters/ sweatshirts, or shorts on top of the shoe layer. You can roll up t- shirts and pajamas to stuff in between your pairs of shoes.

Pack your delicate items as the very top layer of your suitcase. Items that have sequins or other embellishments it keeps them from being wrinkled

Wherever you are planning on going for a vacation, efficient shoe packing will help you to fit more shoes and clothes in your suitcase. When you’re going on vacation, you want to look as awesome as possible by bringing your most fashionable shoes. Follow these steps to ensure your extended size woman shoes don’t get damaged or left behind when you go on a vacation.